Undergraduate Degree Offered

Minor in Chemistry

Degree Requirements

The requirements for a minor in chemistry include a minimum of 27 credits of chemistry courses. These credits must include a complete General Chemistry sequence (CH 231/261, 232/262, 233/263 or CH 121, 122, 123).  In addition, a minimum of 4 upper division courses if 3 or more credits in at least two areas of chemistry (organic, analytical, inorganic, or nuclear) and one laboratory class are required. CH 410/501/601, CH 403/503/601, CH 410/510, CH 584, CH 695, and CH 696 cannot be used to fulfill the upper division credits; CH 130 and CH 374 are terminal courses and do not count toward the minor.

Chemistry Minor Curriculm Checklist (PDF) OSU-Cascades