Innovation Co-Lab: Micro-Internship Program

How Does it Work?

We hire students from a variety of majors and backgrounds. 

The OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab hires a pool of future business executives, engineers, marketers, designers, and software programmers and start them off by working on small projects for the Co-Lab.  These projects include researching, event planning, writing program plans, and automating data tracking and reporting.


We give students ongoing support and training. 

Co-Lab Space: 

OSU-Cascades Students use the OSU-Cascades Co-Lab as a base of operations for their work.  While they work primarily with the Executive Director, they get access to a diverse network of coaches, professionals and entrepreneurs.  Further, they get access to Co-Lab professional and networking events to build their skills.

First & Last Day Resume Exercises:  

On the first day of work, our students bring their resume and 3 jobs that they want someday.  The Executive Director sits down with them and identifies gaps in their resume.  Next, they work together to create a list of potential job tasks and learning materials that would help them bridge those gaps. On the last day our students repeat the same task and get help writing their resume.

Intern Training & Resource Library: 

We train students on professional etiquette, time tracking, productivity hacks, proper email communication, workplace attire, resume writing, and other important topics.  Additionally, the Co-Lab provides books, online resources guides, and a library of tools to help them learn.  These materials are made accessible for students in the program and taking classes at OSU-Cascades.

Workshops & Networking: 

Students get access to entrepreneurship, nonprofits, and our mentor workshops for free.   These workshops cover topics such as “how to build a marketing roadmap,” “how to launch a startup,” “how to automate workflows,” “intellectual property,” “where to get funding,” and more.

Mentor Assistance:

How to build a marketing roadmap, how to launch a startup, how to automate workflows, how to protect intellectual property, and/or where to get funding and how to pitch.

Initial Projects: 

We give our interns an initial project at the Co-Lab to help them get started.  For example, one intern last year completed a market research report and comparison study about summer programs at universities across the United States for our Marketing and Community Relations department.  After she presented her results, OSU-Cascades used her 40-page report to create the Summer Academy.  Once our interns complete a few internal projects, they may take on projects with companies or nonprofits.



We Work With Entrepreneurs and Founders.

Free Consultation


How We Can Help You:

Companies and non-Profits sign up and submit a project request.

  • Social media marketing
  • Web design
  • App building
  • Market research
  • Branding books
For Any Questions Contact Our Executive Director.

Contact Executive Director


Students learn best practices, share their findings, and talk with potential employers.

  • Time Tracking & Reporting: Students share their work as they make progress, track their time, and send regular emails regarding their project.
  • In-Person Presentations: Students present their findings at a variety of open and closed meetings, workshops, and other events to get feedback and improve their work.
  • Social Media Distribution: Students learn how to promote work on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).  At the same time, we discuss how to create an online brand and how to avoid the pitfalls of social media.
  • Innovation PitchFest: For the past two years, the Innovation PitchFest has been an event where OSU-Cascades students can pitch their new products, services, and receive awards up to $750 to fuel the launch of their product, service, or app.

Cost, Benefits, and Getting Started!

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What are the Benefits?

  • Invest in the future workforce of Oregon
  • Reduce the time it takes to work with a student
  • Spin up new projects quickly
  • Suggest projects and training for students at the Co-Lab
  • Mentor students
  • Help them create new products or services
  • May access resumes and interview students for jobs
  • Get recognition for student contributions at Co-Lab events and on the web


How Much Does it Cost?

We pay our students for this work.  Our flex and dedicated members pay to access these interns for $17 an hour, and we pass almost all of that on to the students.  This allows the student to work here while going to school, it makes it easy for you to get the interns you need, and it makes the program sustainable.  

Also, these are students who we are learning important skills – not 10+ year professionals.  As a result, we do not guarantee the work or a timeline for completion. Even though we are confident that our students can tackle difficult tasks, and even though we train them, many tasks will take our students longer to complete.  Some results won’t be what you get from someone from 10 years of experience.  Sometimes, students will try and outright fail.  But these students will learn, they will build important job skills, and they will grow our future workforce in Oregon.  

Lastly, if the project  that you’re working on is highly technical or skill-based, you may need to pay outside consultants to assist. For example, tasks like videography, software programming, or high-end content generation may require an outside consultant, and we will work with you to identify one before the start of work.  You as the sponsor are responsible for letting us know that you wan t to have these students work with an expert, for contracting directly with the expert, and for paying for their services directly.

How do I Get Started?

Get started at as low as $25 a month and $17 an hour.  We find the interns, hire them, provide the space, training, and manage the work. This is an amazing deal as prior to COVID-19 the monthly membership alone was $150.

                                                                                                                                                                          Meet the Interns!

Donate to Support an Intern or Project that Benefits the Community.

What are the benefits?


  • Invest in the future workforce of Oregon;
  • May access resumes, get access to networking events, or interview students for jobs;
  • Get recognition for student contributions at Co-Lab events and on the web.

With donations and/or sponsorships, the Co-Lab can support more interns and reduce the costs of working with companies and nonprofits.

Is it Tax Deductible?

Depending on the project, sponsors have the option of (1) making a charitable, tax-deductible donation or (2) paying OSU-Cascades for services and potentially taking a business tax deduction.

(1) Charitable donations may be made when the project benefits a third party or a class of citizens.

  • Example:  An individual wants to donate money for students to create a Nonprofit Startup Checklist.
  • Example:  A company wants to donate money to hold a Hackathon to build an app that addresses a greater societal issue, like increasing voter participation
  • Example:  A person wants to donate money to create a video course or webinar about “how to hire your first employee,” “how to protect your invention,” or other material.

(2) A fee for service may be charged when the project benefits an individual or company directly as a result of the work.

  • Example:  A startup entrepreneur wants students to build a marketing plan.
  • Example:  A company wants students to build a mobile app for their company.
  • Example:  A nonprofit wants to pay students to help them with an outreach campaign.

How do I Get Started?

Do you want to provides a scholarship to our students via a charitable donation? You can donate online or contact us.



                                                                                                                                                       Become a Student Worker at the Co-Lab

What are the Benefits?

  • It’s not just a job.  We help you build toward your career;
  • Learn important job skills while you get paid ($15 an hour);
  • Build your resume;
  • Learn about potential career options;
  • Work on campus at the Graduate Research Center;
  • Learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you must be an OSU-Cascades student with at least 6 credits in the previous year. You may come from any major at OSU-Cascades, and you must be in good academic standing.

Note that we’re flexible, but you need work for at least 5 hours a week (with the exception being holidays and travel).  Also note, you must be able to work at the Co-Lab during the times that it is open (between 7:30 AM and 7 PM).

How do i get started?

Contact the Executive Director.