21st Commencement Ceremony
10 a.m., Sunday, June 12, 2022

Please silence phones.


Please remain seated throughout the processional, rise as the Colors approach the stage, and remain standing through the National Anthem.


Bend Fire Pipes and Drums


Pomp and Circumstance, Op. 39: Land of Hope and Glory – Sir Edward Elgar (London Philharmonic Orchestra & David Parry)

National Anthem


Andrew Ketsdever
Interim Vice President, Oregon State University – Cascades


Kirk Schueler
Chair, Oregon State University Board of Trustees


Taha Elwefati
President, Associated Students of Cascades Campus

Remarks on Graduating Class

Andrew Ketsdever

Student Speaker

Yadhira Chavez, Elementary Education

Introduction of Commencement Speaker

Andrew Ketsdever

Commencement Address

Becky Johnson
Interim President, Oregon State University

Distinguished Service Award

Rod Ray
Chair, OSU-Cascades Advocacy and Advisory Board

Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Becky Johnson

Presentation and Conferring of Degrees

Andrew Ketsdever

Students announced by:


College of Engineering

  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering - Kyle Webb 

College of Liberal Arts

  • Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing  - Maricruz Gomez

College of Education

  • Master of Arts in Teaching - Rachael Schuetz 
  • Master of Science in Counseling, Master of Counseling - Melisa DeMeyer  


College of Business 

  • Business Administration – Norm Rush 
  • Hospitality Management – Norm Rush 

College of Liberal Arts 

  • American Studies –  - Maricruz Gomez
  • Art – Andrew Lorish 
  • Art, Media and Technology – Andrew Lorish 
  • Liberal Studies – Maricruz Gomez
  • Psychology – Chris Wolsko,  
  • Social Science – Nick Dahl 

College of Science 

  • Biology – Patrick Ball 

College of Engineering 

  • Computer Science – Yong Bakos 
  • Energy Systems Engineering, Kyle Webb 
  • Outdoor Products – Kyle Webb 

College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Environmental Sciences

College of Education 

  • Elementary Education – Melinda Knapp 

College of Forestry 

  • Natural Resources – Seth Ganzhorn 
  • Sustainability – Seth Ganzhorn 
  • Tourism, Recreation and Adventure Leadership; Tourism and Outdoor Leadership – Andrew Hawley 

College of Public Health 

  • Kinesiology – Tim Burnett 
  • Human Development and Family Sciences – Dennis Lynn 


Andrew Ketsdever


Colonel Bogey March by Alford