Thank you for providing an internship at your site and/or serving as an individual supervisor to an intern. We hope it will be a mutually beneficial experience for both your site and the student.

The OSU-Cascades Internship Clinical Faculty Instructor will be in touch to verify placement as well as to provide orientation to your role as a site supervisor. The Clinical Faculty Instructor is Dr. Amy O'Hana at Please contact Dr. O'Hana at any time if you have questions or need assistance. 

There are three steps to follow prior to serving as a site supervisor: 

1. Complete the site/individual supervisor training. This training will be emailed to you, after which you will review it. There will also be an in-person training hosted by the Internship Clinical Faculty Instructor via Zoom, time/date TBA. 

2. Review the CMH Internship Handbook and any other requisite documents. 

3. Email verification that you have completed these activities to the Internship Clinical Faculty Instructor (Dr. Amy O'Hana at

Thank you and have a great year!