Fall Term: Your Safety, Your Success

We’re planning to welcome students to campus this fall, and are taking steps to create a safer and healthier learning environment. Our phased progress towards on-campus classes and on-site activities begins this summer and prioritizes the health of the campus community. Flexibility is built into our planning, so that we can adapt quickly to provide any level of campus operation, should public health conditions change.


Safety and Success

Throughout OSU plans are underway to resume classes, follow expert guidance from state and local public health authorities, and support the safety and success of students and employees.
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Your Connections to Faculty Matter

It's a dynamic environment, so stay tuned.

But with an average class size of 18 students, we’re prepared for in-person instruction this fall. And whether your classes are in-person, hybrid, remote, or a combination of all three , you’ll really get to know your professors and instructors, and they’ll really know you. On campus this fall, you’ll see:

  • Up to 80% of classes with in-person elements.
  • Classroom furniture set to achieve physical distancing.
  • Class transition times extended by five minutes to avoid crowding and facilitate low-density traffic.
  • Enhanced sanitation and cleaning throughout campus and in classrooms.

Monitor the Schedule of Classes for class formats.


100% of Classes Available for Remote Learning

New technology in all classrooms allows virtual participation, especially for students who seek remote learning.


Excellent Teaching. Faculty Who Know You.

With an average 18 students per class, you can see why students say faculty make all the difference. And while face-to-face instruction is what we love, whether your class meets in-person, or via hybrid or remote instruction, you’ll experience the same commitment from your professors. That’s their promise.


Keep Going. It Will Make A Difference.

These are challenging times, but a stalled academic journey can mean a life interrupted. Up to 96% of OSU-Cascades graduates are employed or in graduate school or military service within 6 months of graduation. We’ll help you stay focused on your goals, with academic advising and career resources, and help you land internships and that first job, or change careers.


Single Rooms for Housing Students

Our student housing program focuses on community health and safety, with single rooms offered to each residential student. Learn more


Outside of the Classroom Is Just As Important As In

Making new friends is a big part of college life. Our Student Life team is ready to welcome you back to campus with a slate of activities where you’ll meet fellow Bend Beavs, share hobbies and find adventure, all while staying safe. Learn more


Your Commitment, Our Support

We recognize these are challenging times for many students. Our financial aid and scholarship resources have increased in response. Learn more.

Your Health Is Our Priority

You’ll see evidence of our focus on health and wellness throughout campus. OSU-Cascades' public health strategy is also supported by a partnership with Deschutes County Health Services. Learn more


Campus prevalence testing, increased sanitation protocols, social distancing and public health measures such as face coverings.


Access to diagnostic testing for every student and staff member suspected to have COVID-19.


Identify virus transmission within a community by contact tracing.


Employees and students with symptoms to self-isolate.


Employees and students with close contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases to self-quarantine for 14 days.


Access to care and support provided to affected students, including medical care, access to food and support in their academic progress.

OSU-Cascades Operations Level

OSU-Cascades works with OSU and public health authorities to respond to the risk and spread of COVID-19.
Learn about OSU’s condition and response levels in the guide to operation details and risk levels (PDF) and in an overview of the condition levels tool.

IS currently at level 2

Level 1

  • Reliable treatment and/or vaccine.

Level 2

  • COVID-19 in area.
  • Protective measures effective.
  • Available response capacity.

Level 3

  • Prevalence increasing in area.
  • Protective measures stressed.
  • Response systems at capacity.

Level 4

  • Uncontrolled outbreak in area.
  • Response systems overwhelmed.
  • Governor at-home order in place.

Operational Conditions

  • New-normal environments.

Operational Conditions

  • Mix of in-person, remote and online instruction.
  • Low-density environments.
  • Public health measures in place.

Operational Conditions

  • Limited in-person instruction.
  • Small groups only with approval.
  • Further reduced density.

Operational Conditions

  • No on-site non-essential activity.
  • Remote instruction only.
  • OSU buildings closed.

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Beaver Dam Cafe with Physical Distancing
Study Grounds Cafe with Physical Distancing, Single Occupancy Residence Hall Room, Classroom Physical Distancing, Labs with Physical Distancing