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Onsite Work Readiness Checklist

The guidance below highlights key elements of the OSU Resumption Plan guidance and is intended to help supervisors prepare for return to onsite work within their teams. This guidance is in addition to the OSU Office of Human Resources Employee Checklist.

  • I have read the OSU Resumption Plan, OSU’s policy on face coverings and OSU’s policy on physical distancing.
  • I have reviewed Oregon Health Authority General Guidance for Employers.
  • I understand my unit’s approach to onsite work resumption and have assessed required needs for onsite work for modified operations.
  • Working with my unit leaders, I have created a gradual return to onsite work plan, considering multiple options for lower density office occupancy, such as staggered schedules and workspace modifications, phased-in return plans or alternating teams.
  • I am allowing those employees who are able to effectively work remotely to continue to do so.
  • I have shared the Technology Checklist with employees returning to campus.
  • I am conducting meetings virtually when at all possible even if all attendees are onsite.
  • I have encouraged employees to utilize the Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidance on travel to inform employee decisions about their personal travel.
  • I am aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 and understand what to do if an employee develops COVID-19 symptoms while onsite, including notifying Kelly Sparks, Associate Vice President for Finance and Strategic Planning.
  • I have ensured that my unit leader is aware of employees in my unit who are returning to onsite work.
  • I am aware of my departmental facility and cleaning procedures during COVID-19 and know how to report any concerns to facility and cleaning staff.
  • I have communicated with employees about the expectation that they regularly clean their individual workspaces as well as in between shifts when workspaces are shared.
  • I am aware of specific building access, cleaning and security needs based on requirements of our operation.
  • I know who to consult within my unit regarding questions on any of the above.