WINTER, SPRING, AND SUMMER 2021 STUDENTS: Use this form to make changes to your anticipated term of enrollment at OSU-Cascades. You may indicate a specific term within the next two years that you plan to enroll, or you may choose “when OSU-Cascades resumes to 100% on-campus instruction” if your planned enrollment is dependent on in-person instruction.


This form is for new undergraduate students who have been admitted for winter, spring or summer 2021 and who are not enrolled in courses at OSU/OSU-Cascades. Students admitted for other terms should use the Application Change process to request any necessary adjustments to their application.

  • If you are a current OSU-Cascades student, contact your academic advisor to change your major.
  • If you are a new OSU/OSU-Cascades student who has registered for courses, you must withdraw from all classes by following the steps for dropping a course.
  • If you are a graduate student, please use the Graduate Admissions forms.

Important reminders:

  1. If you are enrolling in one of our Degree Partnership Program (DPP) community colleges, you should add DPP to your application, rather than defer your enrollment.  Read more about the benefits of enrolling at a community college through DPP.
  2. OSU/OSU-Cascades will be holding some scholarships already awarded to you for use when you eventually enroll. 
  3. If you take courses elsewhere before attending OSU/OSU-Cascades, you’ll be required to provide official transcripts before registering for OSU/OSU-Cascades courses.
  4. Please note that this form must be submitted by the application deadline for the term you are changing to.
  5. Students deferring to a future term who have already paid an Advance Tuition Deposit will have their ATD refunded and will be provided instructions for confirming their enrollment for their new enrollment term as that time approaches. This includes a new enrollment deposit and attendance at a new student orientation session.

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