Our mission is to advance social equity and inclusion in Central Oregon and beyond.

It’s the challenge of our nation and our lifetime: to create a society where everyone, no matter their race, color, gender or religion, has an equal opportunity to succeed at work, in their community and in life.

In the OSU-Cascades Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lab, we believe it’s a challenge that we each must join, in our communities and workplaces, as managers and employees, and as residents and neighbors.  

The DEI Lab was created in 2021 to provide community members, businesses and organizations with training, tools and resources that are grounded in research from the business, psychology, education and sociological fields. Our clients learn to share honestly and effect change where it matters most – in workplace hiring, in community discussions, and in conversations with neighbors.

Join us as we build what many have not been able to secure – a promising future.

Inclusion in the Great Outdoors

Cairn founders Rob Little and Jared Peterson always knew they wanted an inclusive environment for their outdoor company’s employees and customers. Then the events of 2020 motivated them to do more. Learn how they worked with the DEI Lab to develop a roadmap that put action behind their commitment.

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