Dining Plans for Residence Hall Students

Students living with us can choose from one of four dining plans for a variety of needs and budgets. Residents can spend their dining dollars at any of the Beaver Dam Cafe and Coffee Bar.

How it works:

  • Dining Dollars are added to your OSU-Cascades ID Card at the beginning of each term. Present your OSU-Cascades ID card to the cashier to pay for your food. It's like using a debit card.
  • Dining Dollars are flexible, allowing you to pay for what you choose to eat, when you choose to eat it.

Dining Plans

As a residence hall student, you can select one of the following dining plans.

Per term amounts will be billed to your account and added to your ID card at the beginning of each term. Per-day amounts are budgeting suggestions, not spending limits or requirements. You may spend as much or as little each day as you wish.

Not sure which plan to pick? We recommend Plan 3. This plan allows you to dine conveniently in the dining hall for most meals, while still giving you the option to eat a few meals here and there off campus. Remember, as a campus resident you get a 10% discount off the listed prices in the dining hall, so your dollar goes further with us!

Dining Plan

Dining Plan Options Per Term Per Year
Dining Plan 1  Approx. $21.17/day ($23.29/day buying power) $1,630 $4,890
Dining Plan 2  Approx. $18.18/day ($20.00/day buying power) $1,400 $4,200
Dining Plan 3  Approx. $15.19/day ($16.71/day buying power) $1,170 $3,510
Dining Plan 4  Approx. $12.08/day ($13.29/day buying power) $930 $2,790

* Per day dollar estimates are based off of 7 days per week and 11 weeks per term.

**Amounts reflect average per day buying power. This is the increased value of your dollar with the 10% discount you will receive using your dining plan in certain locations. For example, if you have $100 on your account, that will buy $110 worth of food and beverage in the dining center.

      Dining Plan Changes

      • Allowed within the first three weeks of each academic term.
      • After the third week of the academic term students can adjust to a larger dining plan only, not to a smaller plan.
      • If you are returning to live on campus for the following year, you can use the Rollover Dining Plan in all OSU-Cascades restaurants at a continued 10% discount. If you are planning to live off campus, your dining plan dollars will be available at a 10% discount for purchases in all OSU-Cascades restaurants.
      • Please email housing@osucascades.edu to request a dining plan change. 

      Rollover Dining Plan

      Rollover Dining Plan funds will be automatically rolled over on your OSU-Cascades ID card for the following year, with a few limitations listed below:

      • The Rollover Dining Plan funds must be used within one year; any unused Rollover funds will expire at the end of Spring Term the following year.
      • If you leave OSU-Cascades (via graduation or other departure) while you still have a Rollover Dining Plan balance, you will not be able to use the Rollover Dining Plan funds unless you then return to OSU-Cascades within that same one year period.

        Orange Cash

        Orange Cash - for all OSU Students, Staff, and Faculty

        • When you use the Orange Cash program, your OSU ID card will give you a 10% Orange Rewards discount at the Beaver Dam Cafe and Study Grounds.
        • Add Orange Cash to your OSU ID Card and start saving today.

        Groups & Guests

        Campus visitors

        Community members and visitors are invited to join us at our dining location on campus! Whether you're here visiting your student or attending a university event, we are open and ready to serve you! All dining locations are open to the public, and accept cash, debit and credit cards.

        Conferences & Groups

        Meals are an important component to any conference or event. We provide a variety of meal options for groups visiting campus. Our award-winning culinary team will blend the practical concerns of food safety and nutrition with the esthetic demand for quality and variety in all of our meals.