Orange Cash

Enjoy the convenience and savings

Students, faculty and staff can load money into an Orange Cash account and then use their OSU-Cascades ID card to pay for purchases in the campus dining facility. The dining center offers an automatic 10% Orange Rewards discount when you use your Orange Cash funds. On-campus residents get the same discount with their dining plan.

Orange Cash accounts allow
  • A 10% Orange Rewards discount on all purchases at the OSU-Cascades dining center.
  • Convenience of using your OSU-Cascades ID. No more need for a bank card or cash.
  • Greater flexibility and convenient locations of discounted food options at OSU-Cascades and OSU Corvallis.
  • Ability to track dollar balances using the MyCard website.
  • Convenience of adding additional spendable dollars to your Orange Cash account online via the MyCard website using applicable credit or debit card. (Can make additional deposits between $25 and $500 per transaction).
  • Continued membership. Orange Cash carries over from term to term and year to year as long as you are affiliated with Oregon State University. (When leaving the university, any remaining balance can be refunded minus a nominal administrative fee.)