Report a Concern

Here at OSU-Cascades, you may directly contact Jane Reynolds if you have a concern about:

Abuse Bias
Bigotry Bullying
Chauvinism Discrimination
Homophobia Intolerance
Prejudice Racism
Rape Sexual abuse
Sexual assault Sexual harassment
Sexism Violence


Jane Reynolds, Director of Enrollment Services
Tykeson Hall 106T

OSU-Cascades Emergency Procedures Manual

You may also report a concern to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access at Oregon State University in Corvallis:

All members of the university community may raise complaints of discrimination, harassment, and bullying with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access. Individuals who feel they are being treated unfairly because of a protected status or in retaliation for engaging in a protected activity, or individuals who believe they are subjected to behavior that rises to the level of bullying may report this concern directly to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access in Corvallis or may contact Jane Reynolds at OSU-Cascades  to talk through the situation and may do so without entering into the complaint process. (See contact information listed above.)

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Access at Oregon State University provides several options for responding to such complaints:

Informal: The process of gathering information either to help establish a suspicion of discrimination or retaliation or to attempt to resolve a disagreement without following a formal complaint process.  

Formal: The process of investigating a case of alleged discrimination or retaliation and making a determination as to whether or not either has occurred and, where appropriate, providing a resolution to the complaint.

These options are available to all members of the university community; however some of the specific policies and procedures may vary based on your relationship to the university. For a detailed description of these options, please follow the relevant links below:

Filing a complaint of discrimination and harassment with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access does not preclude you from filing with other federal or state agencies.

Non-retaliation: An individual may file a complaint alleging retaliation in accordance with university policy.