Fall 2021. We are ready.
To come together in person. To seize opportunities this new school year brings. To strengthen the bonds that make us part of Beaver Nation. We’re excited to see you this fall.

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Learn and Grow in Person

Small class sizes make a difference. It means you’ll be in the classroom. Discovering together. Finding inspiration in new knowledge. Sharing lively discussions. And making connections that will last a lifetime.

Meet Your Mentors

Our faculty are passionate about teaching, and it shows — +90% of 2019 graduates said their professors helped them academically, professionally and personally. Your professors will know you by name and help you reach your goals. It’s time to renew and deepen those connections, and start new ones too.

Look Forward to Gathering

As our world becomes safer and healthier, opportunities for gatherings with fellow students will grow in size and number, too. We’re looking out for each other and our community, and will follow all local, state and federal public health recommendations as we expand in-person gatherings.


Find Hope in the Future

You’ve persevered through a challenging time. We offer a variety of resources so you can continue to build your personal resilience and access the support you need to be successful. Better days are ahead, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

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Live in a Safer Environment

With no more than two students in a room, weekly COVID-19 testing, and a professional housing team, we collaborate with students to create a safer and healthier residential community.

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It’s Our Turn To Get Vaccinated

We can each contribute to a safer and healthier campus community by getting our COVID-19 vaccine. All Oregonians age 16 and up are now eligible. Register at