Scottie Duclos created simulation for emergency room

ESE student Scottie Duclos designed a simulation of the St. Charles emergency room to improve patient care

OSU-Cascades energy systems engineering student Scottie Duclos designed a computer-animated simulation of the St. Charles emergency room, running multiple variables to see what really does - and doesn't - improve efficiency and patient care.

Scottie incorporated data gathered about patient arrival times, medical and administrative processes, and departure times into software that creates animated simulations. The simulation portrays a birds-eye-view of the unit, and patient and healthcare worker characters moving within it over a period of time. It shows viewers where systems works well, and where patients back up. 

The model is responsive, allowing data to be changed so that viewers can see how improvements in one area impacts systems down the chain.

Questions like “What happens if we schedule staff to arrive later? What happens if we add a second machine?" can be directly applied to the simulation, so that teams can see the results immediately and within a larger system.

The ER simulation was so useful, St. Charles hospital hired Scottie to do the same for the intensive care unit and other departments.