Injury Prevention or Return to Sport Screening - $150

The FORCE Lab offers injury prevention and return to sport screenings using our 3D motion analysis technology to identify movement patterns that may increase risk of tissue breakdown and failure.  These screenings generally involve a running, cutting, and jumping analysis, along with guidance for movement modification and preventative exercises in order to decrease risk of future musculoskeletal injuries.

Running or Walking Gait Analysis - $100

The FORCE Lab’s state-of-the-art motion capture system makes it the optimal environment to analyze movements that each of us perform every day - particularly walking and running.   After testing, you will receive a comprehensive gait analysis report detailing the motion of your hip, knee, and ankle.  This report will compare your right and left limbs to our normative database and provide feedback to improve your gait for injury prevention and performance.

Bike Fit - $100/$200

Optimize your cycling performance with a computerized power output analysis from an expert cycling coach with years of experience ($100).  In addition, the FORCE Lab can analyze your cycling posture using 3D motion capture technology ($100).  Based on the results of the power and/or 3D motion capture analysis, your position on the bike will be adjusted to optimize performance while minimizing risk of injury.

Muscle Strength Assessment / Clinical Screening - $75 each

Receive a comprehensive muscle strength assessment using the gold standard in muscle strength measurement – a Biodex dynamometer.  This machine can measure your force output for any motion at any joint in the body.  We can compare data between your left and right sides to identify any asymmetries in strength that may be hurting performance or increasing injury risk.

In addition, a physical therapist from Therapeutic Associates can provide a comprehensive clinical screening, identifying areas of mobility impairment and advice on how to improve mobility related to your sport.

Each assessment is $75, but receive $25 off when combined with another package.