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Our Initiatives:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Laboratory (DEI Lab)

Our nation has reached a long overdue turning point in confronting and addressing systemic racism. There is much work to be done and now is the time to move the conversation forward. To accomplish this ambitious goal, OSU-Cascades has launched a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Laboratory (DEI Lab) with the goal of bringing an academic and research-based voice to social equity and inclusion trainings within our campus, the community and beyond.




Beavers Care – Support Students Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

While the full impact of COVID-19 on our student community is still unfolding, it has already significantly disrupted their lives, resulting in unexpected financial needs. Now, many students have lost income from jobs that helped cover their basic needs. Together, we can make a difference in OSU-Cascades students’ lives right now. When you give today, you will help OSU-Cascades students, whether it’s supporting their most basic of needs through the Food Pantry or helping them in their final term to stay on track to graduate.





Scholarship support allows OSU-Cascades to be accessible to students by opening doors and allowing them to focus on their education, rather than how they will pay for it. At OSU-Cascades, this support is very important, particularly to the many first-generation college students who pursue degrees here.




Laboratory for the American Conversation Fund

Our country is at a crossroads, challenged by divisive issues of regional and national significance. Your generous gift will support the Laboratory for the American Conversation’s timely and relevant initiative to bring real science and effective outreach to advance civil discourse. The fund will create undergraduate fellowships, leverage federal grant applications, bring national experts for a speaker series on civil discourse, develop non-partisan communication tools, and support Laboratory researchers ability to extend their expertise to local, state and national audiences. Your support will advance productive dialogue and common understanding in our nation.




Fund for Innovation (Unrestricted)

The Fund for Innovation provides much-needed unrestricted support for OSU-Cascades. Unrestricted funds are critically important for the growth and development of the campus. They allow for important strategic planning opportunities, help the campus recognize and reward outstanding faculty and staff, provide for faculty and undergraduate research opportunities, and, ultimately, provide flexibility for OSU-Cascades to take advantage of emerging opportunities.




Seven Peaks Ventures Faculty Scholar for Computer Science Innovation – Impacts Teaching

At the heart of OSU-Cascades’ pursuit of excellence are faculty: scholars who advance knowledge through their research and inspire students in the classroom. There is no more effective means of enabling OSU-Cascades to compete in recruiting and retaining top academic talent than by supporting a faculty position.

The computer science program is one of the fastest growing programs at OSU-Cascades. It is also one of the programs providing the greatest benefit to local industry. Computer science driven innovation is at the heart of our modern economy and the future workforce that is transforming every industry and business. Your support of the Seven Peaks Faculty Scholar for Computer Science Innovation is vital to supporting and attracting the best students and faculty to OSU-Cascades.

Cascade Seed Fund Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Oregonians are known for a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship coupled with a deep commitment to leadership and giving back. With a goal of inspiring the next generation of community leaders, the Cascade Seed Fund Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship provides scholarships to OSU-Cascades students possessing these traits. Recipients must demonstrate an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as leadership potential. Your support of this scholarship will help ensure a vibrant future for OSU-Cascades and the community it serves.

Grace Bio-Labs Women in STEM Scholarship Fund

OSU-Cascades’ students are often breadwinners who are trying to balance aspirations for a more promising future for themselves and their families. It’s hard to imagine a more disturbing outcome than for a student to invest precious time and resources into her education only to fail to earn a degree because of unforeseen financial demands. The Grace Bio-Labs Women in STEM Scholarship Fund helps students overcome financial obstacles and achieve a bachelor’s degree from OSU-Cascades. The funds are available for students who have demonstrated a commitment to the pursuit of their degree and have three or fewer terms to complete their bachelor’s degree.

Layman Fellowships for Undergraduate Research – Impacts Students

The Layman Fellowships for Undergraduate Research supports research opportunities for OSU-Cascades students. Through a competitive process, students apply for awards (up to $2,500 each) in conjunction with a faculty mentor who helps design and oversee the research project. Past Layman Fellows report that their mentored research experience made possible by this award was pivotal in their educational experience and solidified their career path moving forward.