It's On! Who Will Conserve More Energy — Beavers or Bobcats?

We'll find out in the second annual Beavers & Bobcats residence hall energy challenge. Residents on the OSU-Cascades and Central Oregon Community College campuses will compete ​to conserve the most energy during the month of February 2023.

The Central Oregon Residence Hall Energy Challenge is the annual behavior change campaign launched by the colleges' sustainability advocates. During the month of February, both campuses will conduct a series of outreach events and programs to encourage residents of both campuses to reduce energy use. Examples of behavior change encouraged by the residents include:

  1. Adjusting dorm room thermostats down a few degrees,
  2. Reducing length of hot showers, and
  3. Turning off room lights and being mindful of electricity use associated with electronic devices. 

What's at Stake?

Residents of the campus that reduces their energy (natural gas and electricity) will be treated to pizza.

Energy Champions Wanted

Each residence hall is seeking resident "Energy Champions" who will promote the energy challenge among their peers, encouraging and modeling participation, ​and taking actions to conserve energy ​all month long.

Students interested in becoming an Energy Champion for your floor or residence hall can email campus leads for OSU-Cascades and COCC.