In recognition of the University’s function as an educational, cultural, and social center, the residence hall at OSU-Cascades is intended for the general use of the students who live in the facility and designed to provide students with a safe place to study, socialize, and build relationships. The purpose of this policy is to attempt to assure that OSU-Cascades faculty, staff, and student groups are able to advertise their services, programs, and/or events in non-common areas while promoting this atmosphere. Below are the many advertising options available to OSU-Cascades departments and registered student organizations and the terms that apply to approval and distribution of advertising materials. OSU-Cascades’ policy for use of residence hall common areas, for promotion, advertising, or other activities, can be found in the UHDS Policy Guide.

General Advertising Policy Guidelines

  1.  Advertisements in non-common areas and non-dining areas must meet the following requirements to be considered for UHDS distribution:
    1.  Advertisements must be submitted by, and in promotion of events affiliated with, OSU-Cascades departments and registered student organizations. 
    2.  Must not be misleading, fraudulent, or promoting an illegal activity.
    3.  Must not be used for any purpose that would be in direct competition with fee-based services of University Housing & Dining Services.
    4.  Must contain the name of the sponsoring organization, name of the president (or other leader or contact person), and a current phone number or email address.  
    5.  Must have pertinent information (i.e., dates, times, contacts, etc.) written in English, or in the case of foreign language exists, must be accompanied by an English language translation to ensure communication with the overall University community.
    6.  Must include one of the following statements: 
      1.  For alternative formats or accommodations related to a disability, please contact (sponsoring department/organization contact name) at (phone or email); or
      2.  Accommodation requests related to disability should be made by [specific date] to [sponsoring department/organization contact person, phone number, and email address].
  2.  Because the residence hall is secured as a private residence, OSU-Cascades community members not residing in the building must first have their material approved and bring that material to the Housing Office for distribution.   
  3.  Advertisements that have not been approved under this policy may be immediately removed and any associated costs or physical damages will be charged to those responsible parties. Students or representatives of the advertised organizations may also be referred to Student Conduct for disciplinary action.

 General Bulletin Boards/Posting Areas

  1.  Space is limited and posted flyers must be no larger than 11”x17”. Posters are limited to one copy per approved location as required by the Fire Marshal. UHDS makes at least one bulletin board or posting area available in each residence hall.
  2.  Priority for posting in these areas goes to other UHDS staff and community members in order to advertise activities within the department. Priority order when space is limited will be as follows:
    1.  Housing sponsored programs and events
    2.  Academic department and Student Services sponsored programs and events
    3.  Recognized student organizations sponsored programs and events
  3.  Approved postings must have an end date posted.
  4.  Approved postings may be displayed for a period of two (2) weeks. Items will be removed after two (2) weeks or the day after the date of the event, whichever comes first.