Hit Edit on the page where you want to link to a PDF or Word Document

Write the text that you want to link to within the "Body" text box, for example:

"Download the Cover Sheet"

Highlight those words, then hit the Linkit button in tool bar (see image). The Linkit button is the chain link with the plus in the tool bar.


Link It


Click the Open File Browser button

(wait for it to load)

Choose your department folder on left to upload the file into. Very Important! Please put your documents in your folder. (see image)


Drupal Folder

Hit Upload in left-hand corner

Hit Browse (Choose File on Mac) button

Choose the PDF or Word document from your desktop or other folder

Hit Upload again

Hit Insert file on right-hand side (see image)




Hit Insert link button at bottom of pop-up window (see image) and under Options, Target, select New Window from drop-down menu. Very Important! Make sure you select New Window so the PDF opens in a new window.


New Window


Hit Save at bottom