Classroom general information

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For a list of software on the classroom computers:

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Wireless mouse information: Gyration Air Mouse


click on the yellow button labeled 'Help Desk' to reach Academic Technologies


Classroom podium rules:

  • Do not place any liquids or food on the podium desks
  • Do not angle the visualizer so it hangs off the desk, it may get hit and broken
  • If using the wireless mouse, place it back on the cradle so it will be charged for the next use
  • Leave the computer on, but sign out
  • When finished, turn the touch panel to "System Off" and confirm with pressing "yes"
  • Do not leave any items on the podium/instructor desk when finished

Software requests on podium/instructor machines

To request software be added to any of these computers please complete this form (processing time of up to 2 weeks):

Please test all software prior to student use (this includes proctoring software) to forego any issues during class time.