Operations Council Committees

The Operations Council develops guiding principles, policies and procedures that move campus infrastructure and operations toward fiscal, operational and environmental sustainability. The council serves as a forum for operations groups within OSU-Cascades.

Art on Campus

Christine Coffin
Steve Pitman
Erin Rook
Lauren Seiffert
Kristin Steinke (Chair)
Jon Vlasak


Casey Bergh (Chair)
Christine Coffin
Ben McCraw
Bryce Mitchell
Steve Pitman
Ryan Scheirer
Kelly Smith
Brian Tanis
Kirsten Weiss

Campus Safety

Laurie Fletcher (Chair)
Julia Conrad
Scott Geddes
Colin Gotcher
Brady Lyons
Daniel Miles
Bryce Mitchell
Rebecca Pannaman
Kirsten Weiss


Lindsey Bakos (Chair)
Maribeth Erlich
Steve Pitman
Erin Rook

Teaching Lab Safety

Pat Ball
Scott Geddes (Chair)
Rebecca Pannaman
Ron Reuter

Safety Committee


Academic Faculty Council Committees

The Academic Faculty Council reviews curriculum in order to implement the long-range educational mission and ensure high quality academic programs for students. It recommends new degree programs and changes to existing programs, and coordinates a balance of academic programs for the campus.

Program Directors

Erika McCalpine (Business, Liberal Arts, Public Health, Library)
Becca Webb (Engineering, Science, Forestry, CEOAS)
Rachael Schuetz (Education & MFA)
Christine Pollard (DPT)
Chris Hagen (Interim Director of Research)

Program Coordinators

Yong Bakos (CS)
Pat Ball (BI)
Neil Browne (AMS/LS)
Natalie Dollar (SS)
Kiel Fletcher (ART/AMT)
Amy O'Hana (MCOUN)
Michael Gassner (TRAL)
Scott Geddes (SCI/MTH/ST)
Melinda Knapp (EL. ED.)
Christophe Lanaud (ESE)
Shannon Lipscomb (HDFS)
Todd Montgomery (HM)
Carolyn Platt (MAT)
Geoff Raynak (OP)
Ron Reuter (NR/ENSC)
Norm Rush (BA)
Peter Sparks (PSY)
Kara Witzke (KIN)

Research Excellence

Bahman Abbasi
Heather Broughton
Christine Coffin
Brianne Kothari (co-chair)
Adam Krynicki
Ryan Reese (co-chair)
Jennifer Reimer
Dina Ribbink

Teaching Excellence

Tim Burnett (chair)
Patrick Donnelly
Edward Ewe
Jennifer Reimer
Peter Sparks
Kyle Webb
Kara Witzke


Co-Curricular Council Committees

The Co-Curricular Council evaluates, reviews and establishes non-academic and co-curricular learning and student engagement opportunities in order to ensure alignment with OSU and OSU-Cascades’ mission, goals and institutional learning outcomes. It recommends the new student success programs and changes in existing programs.

Nathan Moses (Chair)
Brian Palmer
Jane Reynolds
Kelly Smith

First Year Experience

Apolo Aguirre
Julia Conrad
Erica Hagerdorn
Andrew Hawley
Laura Kloss
Hannah Kuehl
Kristen Martin
Zola Nkansah
Erin Rook
Ryan Scheirer
Kelly Smith (Chair)
Amy Snyder

Staff Executive Council Committees

The Staff Executive Council represents the staff at-large and makes staff-related recommendations to the Leadership Team.

Campus Culture

Apolo Aguirre
Julia Conrad
Rachel Dudley
Carmen Martinez
Kate Moses
Nathan Moses
Rachel Schuetz
Kristin Steinke
Lori Waters (Chair)