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Learning Goals

Below is a detailed list of knowledge and skills that all graduates of Liberal Studies should obtain during their course of study at OSU. Please read this list of attributes and use it in shaping your plan and in writing your essay.

1. Manage information

  • Sort, compile and rank
  • Apply knowledge to specific problems or tasks
  • Synthesize facts, concepts and principles

2. Design and Plan

  • Identify alternatives and options
  • Set goals, priorities and measurable objectives
  • Develop plans, implementation strategies and results
  • Anticipate unintended outcomes
  • Manage time, energy and resouces effectively
  • Predict future trends and patterns
  • Assess needs and performance

3. Research and Investigate

  • Know how to access and use a variety of information sources
  • Apply a variety of methods to test the validity of data
  • Design an experiment or plan a creative endeavor
  • Formulate a research question or area for inquiry
  • Describe a process, object or event without factual errors

4. Communicate

  • Listen with objectivity and articulate a message
  • Use various forms and styles of written, oral and electronic communication
  • Express needs, wants, opinions and values without violating the rights of others
  • Identify and communicate value judgements effectively
  • Convey a positive self-image to others

5. Manage Interpersonal Relationships

  • Lead individuals or groups toward achievement of a common goal or purpose
  • Maintain group cooperation and support
  • Interact effectively with superiors, peers and subordinates in the workplace
  • Express feelings appropriately and understand the feelings of others
  • Use argumentation and persuasive techniques effectively
  • Make commitments to others and follow through
  • Teach skills, concepts and ideas to others
  • Take the role of others to assess social behavior in various settings and circumstances
  • Work effectively under time and environmental pressures

6. Think Critically

  • Quickly identify and accurately assess critical issues
  • Identify general principles that explain experiences or factual data
  • Define the parameters of a problem or topic of inquiry
  • Identify criteria for assessment of actions and behavior
  • Adapt personal concepts and behavior to different conventions or norms
  • Take a research question, premise, or strategy to its logical conclusion
  • Create innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Analyze inter-related events from several perspectives
  • Have familiarity with various theories and applied processes of related disciplines
  • Ability to identify concepts and construct methods of inquiry
  • Interpret relevant data

7. Manage and Administer

  • Identify people who can contribute to the solution of a problem
  • Identify resources to complete tasks
  • Delegate responsibility
  • Motivate and lead people
  • Organize people to achieve specific goals
  • Be willing to take risks
  • Initiate positive change in existing institutions when possible

8. Apply Values

  • Assess the long-range effects to human welfare of policies and practices
  • Make decisions that will maximize both the individual and collective good
  • Appreciate the contributions of art, literature, science and technology to contemporary society
  • Identify one's own values
  • Assess personal values in relation to others and to important life decisions
  • Understand diverse perspectives and feel comfortable working with people from diverse backgrounds within a global community

9. Develop a Successful Career and Personal Life

  • Learn from life experiences
  • Match knowledge of personal skills and characteristics with career opportunities
  • Identify, describe and asses the relative importance of one's needs, values, interests, strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop ongoing motivational growth and life-long learning goals
  • Learn from negative criticism and experiences
  • Persist
  • Dare to dream
  • Generate trust and confidence in others
  • Accept the consequences of one's actions