It's in The Bag: Lunchtime Lectures


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November 3

James Foster, Professor of Political Science

James Foster

Bong Hits 4 Jesus: A Perfect Constitutional Storm in Alaska’s Capital

In 2002, the Olympic Torch visited Alaska on its way to the Winter Games. As the torch passed by, and just in time for the media cameras, Juneau-Douglas High School senior Joseph Frederick and several friends unfurled a banner reading "BONG HITS 4 JESUS." Come learn about the incident, and the resulting Supreme Court case that is said to push the boundaries of free speech, from James Foster, author of the recently published Bong Hits for Jesus: A Perfect Constitutional Storm in Alaska’s Capital.


December 1

Henry Sayre, Distinguished Professor of Art History

henry  sayre

Value in Art: Manet and the Slave Trade

In 1865, when Édouard Manet exhibited his painting “Olympia”, Parisians were horrified by the frank representation of a nude courtesan.  In this lecture, Sayre explores how art historians have approached the painting as a critique of Parisian morals and sexuality, when the painting’s real theme may have been slavery and the American Civil War.  He’ll argue how “Olympia” is a deeply political painting and one that calls into question the sympathies of Manet’s contemporaries with the Confederacy.


January 5

Sandy Chen,Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Hospitality Management

This Ain’t No Leisurely Bus Tour

For many, retirement means an opportunity to explore the world -- seniors make up a significant portion of the national pleasure travel market.   This group has been seen as homogeneous by many, but as Hospitality Management Professor Sandy Chen will point out, senior travelers are more diverse than you can imagine.  Yet at the same time, the senior travel market has remained stable over the past 20 years. 

February 2

Maureen Kelly, M.L.S., Librarian

maureen kellyThe Value of a Virtual Deschutes Basin

Oregon Explorer is a Web-based natural resources digital library that integrates data from scientists, governments and citizens and is used to help inform decisions that can affect Oregon’s natural environment.  OSU-Cascades Librarian Maureen Kelly, one of the creators of the site, will take us on a guided tour of the Deschutes Basin site within Oregon Explorer, and demonstrate how to access data, reports, photos, regional habitat restoration efforts and interactive tools such GIS mapping software.


March 2

Michael Gassner, Ph.D., Instructor, Tourism and Outdoor Leadership

mike gassnerSpecial Use Permits for Public Lands:  Are they Necessary for Everyone?

Non-profit and educational adventure programs are required to obtain special use permits to access public lands managed by the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and other agencies.  Tourism and Outdoor Leadership Instructor Mike Gassner will draw from a current writing project and examine this often times, confusing issue.  Should non-profits and educational adventure programs have to obtain a permit?  Why?  Is there a better way? 



April 6

Jay Casbon, Professor, Teacher and Counselor Education

Failure is Not an Option: College Bound Teenagers and Stress

The popular film documentary, Race to Nowhere describes teen suicide, anorexia, nervous breakdowns, high stakes testing phobia, and rampant cheating as an increasing reality in the lives of high-performing American high school students.  What is the real story behind the documentary? Come and learn how current research supports or rejects this growing area of concern for parents and educators.

May 4

Robin L. Feuerbacher, Ph.D., Instructor, Energy Engineering Management

robin feuerbacherDistractions Where You Want Them Least: In a Hospital Operating Room

Have you ever made an error because someone distracted you?  Or forgot what you were going to say after you were interrupted?  Believe it or not, distractions and interruptions are common in hospital operating rooms.  Learn about the interesting outcomes Robin Feuerbacher observed when surgeons operated on a virtual reality surgical simulator while they were targeted with distractions.  What you learn could be useful for when you have to schedule your next surgery.




June 1

Elizabeth Daniels, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor, Psychology

Sexy is All We See: How Media Images of Women Impact Teens

Increasingly and routinely girls and women are sexually objectified in the media, while at the same time teens’ media consumption is on the rise.  University of Oregon Psychology Instructor Elizabeth Daniels will look at the effects of this bombardment, and show what happens when teens view more positive images of women as accomplished athletes, CEOs, and politicians, for example.