It's in The Bag: Lunchtime Lectures


October 5

Julie Elston, Associate Professor and Newcomb Fellow, Business Administration

Bamboo Capitalism: The Economic Rise of China in the 21st Century

China is a dynamic emerging market, forecasted to surpass the US economy in size by 2015. Come explore the forces behind its recent surge in growth and learn how we can benefit from the growth of our impressive Pacific neighbor.

February 1

Shannon Lipscomb, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences

It’s Not all ABCs. What Makes Preschool a Path to Success?  

Is preschool critical for children’s success in school – and in life? What types of preschool and child care experiences matter most? Explore the research behind the media hype and learn about policies that aim to improve early learning in Oregon -- and how parents and teachers can help children to get off to a good start.

March 7

Chris Wolsko, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychology

The Cult of Self-Esteem: Psychological and Spiritual Explorations into Contemporary Narcissism

The great wisdom traditions declare that obsessive desires for power, control and approval from others are in conflict with a life in which we interact with our worlds more authentically and compassionately.   Come examine current cultural trends toward high self-absorption in light of prominent psychological theory and research on personality and personal growth.

May 2

Christine Pollard, Ph.D., P.T., Instructor and Program Lead, Exercise and Sport Science 

Non-Contact ACL Knee Injury in the Female Athlete: Why are Women Inundated with this Injury?

The anterior cruciate ligament injury, commonly known as ACL, can be devastating and occurs four to eight times more often in female athletes than in male athletes participating in similar sports. Come learn about the latest findings on the risk factors for this injury and how you might protect your own knees.

Ron Reuter, Associate Professor, Natural Resources

Matt Shinderman, Senior Instructor, Natural Resources 

A Vision for Sustainability at OSU-Cascades

The concept of sustainability is gaining traction globally, but how do you translate that into action? And how do you instill it throughout a university?  At Oregon State University – Cascades, faculty, staff, and students have been creating the foundation for a campus that threads sustainability through academic programs, facilities, and behavior.  Come learn about the most promising student sustainability projects and how they connect to the larger campus.