What tests do I need to take?

Candidates for Oregon Preliminary licensure must submit passing scores for the following tests:

  • NES Content Exam(s) Scores required at application (non-passing accepted) Passing scores required by March 1, prior to entering the program.

Choose your endorsement: 

What do you mean by "cohort"?

The program is managed according to the "cohort-model" concept. This means that all students stay together for the duration of the program, take the same classes at the same time and, in effect, develop a coherent and cohesive professional learning community.

Are there prerequisite classes that need to be taken before I am admitted?

The focus in undergraduate preparation needs to be on a solid foundation of the content you wish to teach. There are foundational education courses that are recommended prior to entering a teacher preparation program, but there are no required prerequisite courses for the MAT.  It is recommended that you take these classes before the program begins, but it is not required that you take them in order to be admitted to the program.

Do I need to show completion in all areas of the Core Content List before I am admitted?

You may be admissible to the program with a few courses missing from those listed on the Core Content List. However, a significant number of missing courses may result in your being denied an interview. Instead, we would recommend that you spend the next year or so working on this missing course work. Remember that once you are in the MAT program, you will be taking a full load of courses each term and content coursework is not a part of the program.

Can I do this program on a part-time basis?

The program is designed as an intensive program to be completed in a year, full time or two years, part time. If you have questions regarding the full time and part time options, please contact the Graduate Student Recruitment Coordinator, Gillian Harper.

What can I be doing now to prepare?

Students interested in preparing themselves for entrance into the MAT program should complete testing requirements (see above), and complete at least 40 hours of successful experience working with school-age children or youth at the authorization levels and content area for which you are seeking licensure. Meet with an Advisor to determine the coursework you need for admission.

How much does this program cost?

Cost of the program varies from year to year. See tuition/fees for more information. Some additional costs associated with the program include the graduate application fee ($75), fingerprinting (approximately $75), and testing costs ($225). The cost for books should also be budgeted in to your planning with a cost that varies each term.

Is graduate student housing available?

Enjoy on-campus living in the OSU-Cascades residence hall. Graduate student housing at OSU-Cascades is designed to give you a living environment full of amenities that's close to all campus resources. Our residence hall offers a state-of-the-art fitness center, bike/ski/snowboard storage, no deposits or utility fees, laundry and high-speed internet access. Learn more

How can I learn more about the MAT program and the admission process?

Sign up for an open house here or reach out to our Graduate Programs Recruitment Coordinator, Gillian Harper