Internships are an important opportunity for our MFA in Creative Writing students to experience the ways in which, as CAConrad puts it best, we are artists and WE ARE USEFUL.

Internships are largely self-directed; you will, however, benefit from the guidance and advice of a faculty supervisor.

Teaching Internships with Caldera Arts

caldera artsIsolation + natural beauty = the perfect work conditions.~ Leanne Hall, novelist

Caldera is founded on research-based, positive youth-development values, which offer access to constructive and sustained relationships with adults; activities that build life skills; participation in a supportive, valued community; and culturally sensitive practices. Under the supervision of Program Director Emily Carr, teaching interns lead reflective writing and interview workshops for Caldera's High School Youth Program. In these foundational workshops, Caldera students discover that it’s okay to write and have feelings and emotions. These writing labs create an open, welcoming environment for students to write and express emotion, practice public speaking, and advocate for themselves. They are designed to give students permission to keep writing and expressing how they feel.

Professional Writing Internships with the Workhouse

work houseLocated in the Old Ironworks District of Bend, the Workhouse offers an atmosphere of camaraderie, excellence, innovation and creativity. It’s a space for creative exchange between buyers and makers from all disciplines, for building a vibrant and sustainable local community, for sharing ourselves in the hopes of living in a better world, simply because we keep on trying. Working with and learning alongside makers from the Workhouse teaches us to foster vital and creative relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and to get back to work.

Under the supervision of Core Faculty Poet Arielle Greenberg, professional writing interns act as freelance, pro bono copywriters for the local arts nonprofit The Workhouse, writing web copy, doing interviews, scripting documentaries, drafting boilerplates and mission statements, and completing and revising other documents and materials as needed.

Editorial Interships with Cutthroat

CutthroatCutthroat: A Journal of the Arts is committed to promoting new writers as well as to publishing provocative work from established writers. Under the supervision of core faculty essayist and Cutthroat Fiction Editor Beth Alvarado, editorial interns act as assistant editors: reading stories from “slush pile” on Submittable and working with the larger editorial committee to decide together which stories will be published in the upcoming issue and which might be held over, pending revision, for possible publication in the online issue or in the following year’s hard copy issue. During this process, interns may be asked to correspond with the writer and to provide him/her with suggestions for revision and other editorial advice, to send contracts, and to collect and compile bio’s, along with contact information. In other words, interns will be involved in all stages of the editorial process.