Who is allowed to participate?

Any person who is currently a student, faculty or staff at OSU-Cascades or Central Oregon Community College is welcome to attend our trips, outings and workshops.

How much do the trips cost?

There are no fees or dues to participate in Cascades Adventures outings workshops and trainings. Our costs are covered by the Student Fees Committee of OSU-Cascades & the student government of COCC. Occasionally some of the trainings and workshops may require a fee to cover the contracting of outside resources.

What gear do I need to have?

Cascades Adventures is able to provide a majority of equipment for activities such as backpacking/camping (packs, sleeping bags, stoves, shelters), rock climbing (ropes, harnesses, helmets & hardware), back-country snow riding (avalanche beacons, probes & shovels), mountaineering (pickets, ice axes & crampons) and canoeing (boats, pfd's, paddles).

What experience do I need to have?

No experience neccesary, Cascades Adventures outings are designed for beginner to intermediate level participants. For more advanced outings, we typically reserve the title of workshop or training, for these will focus primarily on more technical and leadership based skill development or specific challenges. Below is the list of levels you can choose from.

Participant Levels


Beginner level trips are designed for participants with little or no experience in the activity. A focus on teaching basic introductory skills is emphasized as well enjoyment of place.


Intermediate participants will have some experience in the activity and are wishing to improve their skills in a fun and constructive setting. Intermediate trips focus on both enjoyment of place and teaching advanced skills.


Advanced trips focus on solidifying skills developed through prior experience. With less attention to instruction, these outings serve experiencing a measurable objective of place and gaining further experience with skills.


Expert trips focus on accomplishing specific objectives that require a solid repertoire of advanced skills. Coordinator approval required.

Trip Leader

These outings are for Trip Leaders or Trip Leader applicants. Participants are approved by the Cascades Adventures coordinator.