The Education Double Degree program enables students to earn two
undergraduate degrees - one in their chosen field and the second in
education. By taking an additional 40 credit hours, you can
graduate with two degrees and be qualified to teach in a K-12
classroom right after graduation. More
and Program

Advising for the Education Double Degree

The Education
Double Degree Advising Guide
will help you track the
requirements for admission and the requirements for completion of
the program. We recommend that you take this with you to your
advising appointments and fill it out with your advisor.

The Content Knowledge forms show competency in the content
knowledge, based on state and national standards. You can download
and complete these forms for the following areas:




and Physics



Family and Consumer Science







Application Information

Download the Education
Double Degree Application

Contact for More Information

Education Double Degree Faculty

Schedule of Classes

OSU is excited to announce that the Catalog and Schedule of Classes is getting a makeover! Find FAQ about OSU’s new Schedule of Classes and Catalog.

Courses are not current or finalized online until you see a link for the course on this website. Even though courses are visible for an upcoming term they may not be correct.

Tuition Info:


The OSU catalog is online. Look up course descriptions, degree requirements and policy regarding OSU and your OSU degree.

Term Finals Schedule

Students! Please confirm the time for the final with your instructor prior to finals week. If you have a conflict between an OSU final and a COCC final, contact your OSU professor.

OSU-Cascades Finals Schedule: Fall 2018, Winter 2019 and Spring 2019


OSU-Cascades does not require domestic students to carry health insurance in order to attend classes, however, we do offer a university health insurance plan that undergraduate and graduate students may purchase. International students are required to carry health insurance.

OSU-Cascades Health Insurance Policy

Carrier: PacificSource

Cost: $745.60/term

Deductible: $500/ academic year

Services Covered: Medical, Dental, Vision

Open Enrollment for Fall: 9/1/18 to 10/12/18. *When purchasing health insurance in fall, you may pay for one term or for the entire academic year.

Coverage Term for Fall: 9/11/18 to 12/27/18

Get more information about the health insurance policy offered through OSU. If you need additional assistance, you may contact the OSU-Cascades health advisor.


In order to be eligible for OSU's health insurance plan, undergraduate students must take at least 6 credits per quarter and graduate students must take at least 3 credits per quarter.

Health Insurance Services

Understanding health insurance can be frustrating. If you don't have health insurance and you want it, but you're not sure how to get it or which plan to buy, ask the Health Advisor. She's available to assist with health insurance questions, concerns, and education.

Enroll in OSU's health insurance policy


    • Academic calendar
    • Administrative tools
    • Campus resources
    • Support services
    • Housing and dining
    • Class schedules
    • Register for classes
    • Change your pin
    • Get your grades
    • Account summary
    • View holds
    • Manage direct deposit
    • Scholarship status
    • View transcripts
    • Employee info

    You will need an OSU ID number and a General Access PIN number (GAP) to login. The GAP is your birth date (MMDDYY), until you establish a new GAP.


    • Tests and quizzes
    • Class grades
    • Lecture notes
    • Discussion boards
    • Contact information
    • Personal calendars
    • Address book

        ONID - Student Email

        As a registered student, you have access to a personal email account on the central computer system You can access email and the internet through lab computers connected to the campus network or through your computer.

        Google Apps for OSU

        • Google Mail
        • Google Drive
        • Google Calendar
        • Google Sites
        • Google Groups


        Contact the OSU-Cascades librarian, Sara Thompson, if you have any questions.

        Computer Lab

        Drop-in Computer Lab

        • 27 Windows Computers
        • Black and White Printer ($.07/one-sided; $.09 double-sided)
        • Color Printer ($.25/one-sided; $.40 double-sided)
        • HP scanner 
        • Headphones

        Note: Printing will be billed via your university account.

        OSU provides wireless network access for registered students. For more information, please refer to the Wireless Network web page on the OSU main campus. 

        Preview Day

        Campus Tours

        Finding the right college fit is a process which can be greatly helped by a campus visit. We encourage you to visit Oregon State University-Cascades in Bend to get a feel for the campus and area atmosphere.

        We offer a guided walking tour of campus led by a current student. Tours are available Monday through Friday at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM. 

        To make an appointment for a tour of our campus for prospective students, please call 541-322-3100 or send us an email.


        OSU-Cascades Preview Days

        Preview Days are perfect for undergraduate students of any age considering OSU-Cascades. Talk with academic advisors, connect with staff, meet current students, get admissions and financial aid information, and tour campus.

        Fall Preview Day - TBA
        Fall Open House - TBA
        Spring Preview Day - TBA

        Check back soon!


        Visitor Information

        About our campus
        About OSU-Cascades

        Getting here, staying here, playing here
        Bend/Central Oregon Information
        Visitor Accommodations
        Maps and Directions
        Road Conditions - ODOT Tripcheck


        International Admission Checklist


        Return completed packet to:
        International Student Services
        Tykeson Hall
        1500 SW Chandler Avenue
        Bend, Oregon 97702 USA

        Have your language test scores sent to OSU, "Oregon State University" (Institution Code 4586)

        International Admission Deadlines

        Term of Entry Application Deadline
        Fall June 1
        Winter September 1
        Spring December 1
        Summer March 1


        The academic calendar is divided into three terms (quarters): fall, winter, spring. There is also a summer term. The approximate dates for the beginning and ending of the terms are the third week in September to the second week in December (fall term); the first week in January to the third week in March (winter term); the last week in March to the second week in June (spring term); the fourth week in June to the second week in August (summer term).

        Academic Records and Standards

        A certified English translation is required for all credentials not originally issued in English. You must provide complete documentation of all certificates, degrees, titles or diplomas earned as well as grades or mark sheets from your academic institution. Give the dates and names of the certificates, diplomas, degrees, titles or licenses you received upon completing the various phases of your education. A photocopy is temporarily acceptable if you can present your originals only after arrival on campus.

        Test Scores

        • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) - Admitted students must meet the University's requirements for proficiency in English: a minimum score of 550 on the TOEFL (or 80 on the internet-based test) for undergraduate students.  A minimum score of 550 is required for graduate students in the MAT or MS in Counseling degrees.

          To find where the TOEFL is administered in your country, visit the TOEFL website. The computer-based test and internet-based test is offered more often than the paper-based test, but is not necessarily available in all countries.

          Individual departments may require a higher TOEFL score for graduate applicants. The TOEFL is required of all applicants whose first language is not English, including those transferring from English-speaking colleges and universities or entering from a U.S. high school. (The TOEFL requirement is waived for students receiving a degree from a U.S. university.) Scores may not be more than two (2) years old at the time you plan to enroll. Conditional admission for scores below the minimum requirements is not a possibility at OSU-Cascades due to the lack of an English language institute on campus. Undergraduate applicants who are not admissible at OSU-Cascades should contact INTO about conditional admission.

        • Other acceptable language proficiency measurements for undergraduate applicants:

          Test Score
          ACT English Minimum score of 21
          IELTS Minimum score of 6.0
          Cambridge CAE Minimum score of C (pass)
          INTO OSU Academic English Completion of level 6 with recommendation
          SAT Critical Reasoning 500 or above
          Cambridge "O" levels Grade of C (pass); no more than 2 years old upon enrollment
          Advanced Placement-International English Language Minimum score of 3
        • SAT/ACT

          The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT) are accepted but not required for international undergraduate applicants.

        • Have your lanuage test scores sent to OSU, "Oregon State University" (Institution Code 4586)

        Admission Status

        You will be notified when we receive your application, fees, and credentials. We will also inform you of any missing materials or necessary documentation. Once all documents and materials have been received, you should allow 8 to 10 weeks for processing if you are an undergraduate applicant. Decisions on graduate applications may take longer, depending on the academic department. When you receive an official admission notice from the Office of Admissions, you will receive more information on arrival and enrollment procedures. You will also receive a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20 form) for F-1 student status or a Certificate of Eligibility (DS-2019 form ) for J-1 Exchange Visitor status.

        After you have been admitted to OSU-Cascades, you may register according to the OSU-Cascades instructions included with your letter of admission. If you have not been admitted, please visit Admissions online.

        Priority Registration

        What is priority registration?

        Students are assigned registration dates and times according to their student status and credits earned. The registration schedule is separated into two phases.

        • Phase I: Undergraduate students are eligible to enroll in a maximum of 16 credits and waitlisting is not available. You may enroll from your eligibility date until the end of Phase I. At the close of Phase I, registration is closed for a business day while the system is enabled for Phase II.
        • Phase II: You may waitlist courses that have waitlisting available and the maximum credits for undergraduates is raised to 19.

        The priority registration schedule

        Priority registration represents a range of dates and times during which students will be eligible to register depending on their status and credits earned.
        Term Priority Registration Schedule

        For detailed information about your registration dates and times, log into MyOSU, click on the Student tab, and under Registration Tools select "View Priority Registration Status". Here you will see the specific dates and times assigned to you for Phase I and Phase II of registration. Your registration status and times will be available approximately one week before registration begins.

        How to Register

        Please follow the steps below to register for the classes

        Waitlisting Courses

        If you decide to add to a waitlist be sure to take the time to review the OSU waitlist policies and process.

        If you assistance, please call (541) 322-3100 during business hours (M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). To register in person, please bring your ONID, PIN, and the courses' information to the OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services Office in Tykeson Hall.

        Late Registration and Changes in Registration

        Refer to the Academic Calendar for the deadlines to add, drop, or audit classes, or to change the grade option to or from A-F or S/U.

        Second Week Adds

        With departmental approval students can enroll in courses online during the second week of the term. Inform the department of all restrictions that would prevent you from enrolling in the course (closed course, major/minor/option restriction, etc.). More information

        Withdrawing from a Course

        You may withdraw (W grade) from a class after the Drop Class deadline. Refer to the Academic Calendar for dates associated with the term you are interested in.

        To petition to withdraw from a course after the deadline complete the Petition for Late Change of Registration.

        Withdraw from the TeRM

        Beginning with the first day of the term, you may withdraw from the university for the term anytime up until the Friday of week 10 by completing the withdrawal survey. This will not withdraw you from dual-admit courses at COCC. As long as you are otherwise in good standing, you are eligible to register at OSU-Cascades for the next term without reapplying to the University. If you intend to drop all of your OSU courses in a term you will step through the process to Withdraw from the University for that term.

        Review the Withdraw Registrar Website to review all details of withdraw and withdraw from term.

        Auditing Courses

        Audit registration may be done during the registration period for the term. Audit registration permits a student to enroll in a course for no credit and no grade. The class instructor will determine course requirements for an audited class. Those who wish to audit should contact the Enrollment Services Office in Tykeson Hall, (541) 322-3100, for registration procedures.

        Registration Cancellation/Withdrawal from the University

        Your act of registering constitutes your commitment to attend OSU-Cascades.

        As a university student, you are both academically and financially responsible for all classes in which you register.

        If you wish to cancel this commitment and reduce or eliminate tuition charges for the term, you must officially cancel your registration or withdraw from the university for the term. Failure to pay tuition or to attend classes does not constitute official withdrawal. Students who simply stop attending classes are financially liable for all charges, and may also receive grades of U, N, or F depending on departmental policy.

        Registration Cancellation

        Prior to the first day of the term you may cancel your registration through Student Online Services or by visiting the OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services Office in Tykeson Hall.

        Other Information and Regulations

        GAP (General Access PIN)

        A GAP is a 6-digit access number initially assigned to each student by the Enrollment Services Office. Your initial GAP is your birth date (month, day, & year). For example, if your birth date is April 3, 1982, your GAP will be 040382. Your initial birth date GAP will expire upon your first entry into the information systems. You must then choose a new GAP, other than your birth date. You also have the option to enter some additional information about yourself to use as a prompt should you forget your GAP and need to obtain a new GAP. You may also contact the OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services Office, Tykeson Hall, (541) 322-3100, if you forget your GAP.

        Registration PINs

        Only students seeking OSU degrees need PINs. Partner institution students do not need PINs. Registration PINs are provided by your adviser at the time of advising. Non-degree students are not required to have registration PINs.


        Students with registration holds from any institution will not be permitted to register until holds are cleared.

        Time Conflicts

        Web registration will not permit you to schedule two classes that meet at the same time.

        Maximum Credit Loads

        Undergraduates may register up to 19 credits through Web registration. Additional credits may be added. Go to Tykeson Hall, OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services Office.

        Course Restrictions

        Enrollment in some classes is restricted by the following designations: class, major, college, level, or departmental approval. If you do not satisfy the course restrictions, Web registration will explain the reason you did not receive the course selected. If you need assistance, please contact the OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services Office in Tykeson Hall, (541) 322-3100.

        Changing Grading Options (S/U, A-F)

        All classes registered by Web are given the A-F grade option as appropriate. Any changes of the A-F option (to S/U) are done in person in the Enrollment Services Office after completing the appropriate forms. The deadline for these changes is the end of the 7th week of classes at 5:00 p.m.

        Closed or Cancelled Courses

        If you register on the Web, classes that are closed or cancelled will be noted in the "Look-Up Classes to Add" results. We encourage you to have a few alternate classes or sections in mind so that you can complete your registration; or you may try Web registration again at a later time (before the term) to add the closed class.

        Open Classes, Open Sections

        Available classes are evident when using the "Look-Up Classes to Add" feature of Web registration.

        Variable Credit Courses

        If a course is taught for variable credits, for example 1-16 credits, Web registration will prompt you to enter the correct number of credits for which you wish to enroll. If you need to change that number later, you may do so by Web.

        Lectures/Labs/Recitations (Multi-Part Courses)

        If a class is "linked" to a noncredit lab or recitation, you must register for all parts of the class. Web registration will not permit you to register for one part without the other. Likewise, you may not drop one part of a "linked" class; if you do so, the other part will be dropped automatically. If you want to make a change of one part to a multi-part class, you should drop that part and add the new part at the same time before processing your requested changes. Be sure to process the request after specifying the drop and the add.

        Classification Standing

        Total Credits Class
        1-44 Freshman
        45-89 Sophomore
        90-134 Junior
        135 or more Senior


        Some classes are designated with the following student levels:

        • 1 = Undergraduate students
        • 2 = Graduate students
        • 3 = Post-Baccalaureate students
        • 4 = Non-Degree/Post-Baccalaureate Credential students
        • 5 = Professional students

        Major and Minor Changes or Declarations

        To change or declare a major or minor, students must complete a Major/Minor Change Form. These forms are available at advising offices in the OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services Office in Tykeson Hall. It is essential for students to keep their major and minor declarations up-to-date with the university.

        Access for Students with Disabilities

        Students with permanent or temporary disabilities who need assistance or accommodation should contact the OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services Office in Tykeson Hall, (541) 322-3100.



        Purchase textbooks online through the OSU Beaver Store.

        Central Oregon Community College

        COCC students are served on campus by the COCC Campus Bookstore.