Parents & Family

The Career Development Center is here to help your student succeed in college and in the world of work. Our services and resources are available and beneficial to students from their first year until after they graduate. It is common for students to question and explore a variety of academic disciplines and occupational options, as well as to change their minds along the way regarding what path they would like to pursue. In the exploration phase, career counseling can assist students in discovering more about their passions, skills, values and personlity and how they relate to certain majors and careers.  Please encourage your student to utilize our services to help increase their self-awareness and understanding of career options in order to make a well informed decision regarding what they want to major in and pursue after graduation.

Some students are not ready to address career/life planning and may not choose to contact our office. As supporters and/or family members, here are some suggestions on how you can assist your student in the process:

  • Listen carefully to their ideas about majors and careers and try to see the situation from their perspective
  • Be supportive of your student exploring a wide variety of activities and encourage them to explore their interests, values and skills
  • Encourage involvement in internships or experiential learning (research, volunteer) opportunities as a way to gain valuable experience
  • Understand what the Career Development Center has to offer to inform students on the resources available to them
  • Talk positively to your student about different career options and the world of work
  • Help them network with professionals who are employed in fields they are interest in
  • Stess the importance of starting the career development process early

Once students have gone through exploration and discovered a desired career path, we can help to empower them to market themselves as best as possible and engage with future employers in the following ways:

Appointments are available at flexible times to meet students' class and work schedule needs. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving your student in the Career Development Center.