Please review parking permit options before coming to campus. Parking fees are suspended until Fall 2021.

On-Campus Parking

Fees apply Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except holidays. 

Short-term Parking: Two Ways to Pay

Option #1: Pay Online or use a mobile app for a Virtual Permit

Your license plate serves as your virtual permit; no physical permit is required.

Option #2: Pay at Kiosk

Enter your license plate number and pay at kiosk on the east side of Tykeson Hall. 


Pay fees at the kiosk located between Tykeson Hall and Obsidian Hall. Input your license plate number and select the desired amount of time. Fees are $1/hour and a maximum of $3/day. Keep your receipt with you, no physical permit is issued.

Free Carpool Parking

Commuters can apply for a carpool permit to obtain free parking in designated spaces. Please email Parking Services for more info.

Graduate & Research Center Parking

Students: Daily parking at the Graduate & Research Center is free during classes held in the building.

Employees: Permits available for GRC and 1500 SW Chandler Ave parking. Look for an email each term.

Motorcycle Parking for Employees and Students

Free in designated spaces adjacent to the covered bicycle rack near Tykeson Hall. Registering your motorcycle as a vehicle is required.

Connecting the Campus by Bus or Safe Rides

Transit services, biking, and designated walking routes between campus facilities are available. Cascades East Transit (CET) provides transit service to campus every 30 minutes via Routes 10 and 11. Check CET’s website for the latest routing and schedules. Bend bus routes are free for all riders through the end of 2021. In 2022, scan your OSU-Cascades ID card upon boarding for free rides on Bend area routes.  

Pre-Tax Parking Option for Employees

State and Federal tax laws allow employees to save taxes on parking at work by setting up a pretax payroll deduction that reduces taxable income. Qualified expenses are exempt from Federal, State and FICA (Social Security and Medicare) taxes. Your tax savings will vary, depending on your deduction amount and your tax bracket. Most employees will save approximately $13.50 on every $50 they pay for qualified expenses (27%).Employees can complete the online enrollment form throughout the year. 

To get started, learn more at:

An online form can be downloaded at:

Submit forms to OSU-Cascades human resources.

Income-Based Parking Fee

Full-time employees may earn free or reduced-cost parking if their income (technically your "base salary" is below a given threshold. This threshold is 185% of the federal poverty level, consistent with eligibility for a 2-person household in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in Oregon. 


University Standard 07-025 governs the use of vehicles, the use of non-motorized transportation, and parking, on Oregon State University  (“university”) property.