child with silcone wristband Flame retardant chemicals may affect social behavior in young children

Some chemicals added to furniture, electronics and numerous other goods to prevent fires may have unintended developmental consequences for young children, according to a pilot study released today.

beaver dam researchScientists and students create, study artificial beaver dams where real dams once stood

By constructing and monitoring artificial beaver dams, scientists and undergraduate students at Oregon State University – Cascades are learning how the health of the surrounding habitat and water can be affected by genuine beaver dams.

Chris HagenOSU-Cascades professor recognized as a top young engineering educator in country

Chris Hagen, an engineering professor and researcher at Oregon State University – Cascades, has been selected as a 2017 SAE International Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award recipient.

Mike Giamellaro, Roundhouse ScholarGift establishes Roundhouse Foundation Faculty Scholar of Science Education at OSU-Cascades

A generous gift to Oregon State University - Cascades will support the creation of an endowed scholar position within the Master of Arts in Teaching program. 

Framing discourse around conservative values shifts climate change attitudes

Conservatives’ attitudes toward climate change and other environmental concerns shift when the issues are reframed in terms more closely aligned with their values, a new study from Oregon State University indicates.

shannon-lipscombLargest research award in OSU-Cascades history focuses on preschool children

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded Oregon State University-Cascades researcher Shannon Lipscomb a $1.5 million grant to develop and test a program to help teachers improve the school readiness of preschoolers who have been exposed to trauma.

sarah dealGirls receive conflicting career messages from media, new research shows

Teenage girls like and feel more similar to women in appearance-focused jobs such as models and actresses, though they find female CEOs and military pilots to be better role models, according to a new study by researchers at Oregon State University.

suicide preventionOSU-Cascades one of 15 universities nationwide to receive federal suicide prevention grant

OSU–Cascades will use a new $305,000 suicide prevention grant to develop programs to support student mental health and aid students who are at risk for suicide.

HagenOSU-Cascades awarded $500,000 grant to benchmark home generators

Oregon State University - Cascades' Energy Systems Laboratory in Bend is leading a research project that will benchmark home natural gas-fueled generators and provide insight on the current state of commercially available generator performance in the U.S.

Advantage Accelerator "graduates" moving toward successful new businesses, jobs

Four promising startup companies in fields ranging from social media to chemical manufacturing are among the first “graduating class” of the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator, upon completion of a program designed to help lead them toward commercial success.

Study: Young women with sexy social media photos seen as less competent

Girls and young women who post sexy or revealing photos on social media sites such as Facebook are viewed by their female peers as less physically and socially attractive and less competent to perform tasks, a new study from Oregon State University indicates.

Ethnic identification helps Latina adolescents resist media barage of body images

A strong sense of ethnic identity can help Latina girls feel positive about their body and appearance, a new study concludes, even as this group slips further into dissatisfaction with themselves when compared to a media-filled world of unrealistic images of thin white women.

child careBehavior problems in preschool and child care centers may be an issue of genes

A new study suggests that some children may be genetically predisposed to developing behavioral problems in child care and preschool settings.

force-lab-researchNew biomechanics lab in Bend one of the few of its kind in the country

A new biomechanics laboratory opening this May in Bend will provide cutting-edge research and intervention strategies for injuries – especially knees, ankles and hips – creating a perfect match with Central Oregon’s population of elite and recreational athletes.

head-startAcademic gains, improved teacher relationships found among high risk kids in Head Start

A new study by a team led by an Oregon State University - Cascades researcher finds that Head Start can make a positive impact in the lives of some of its highest risk children, both academically and behaviorally.

barbieSex in Play: From dolls to sports, sexualized culture affects youth

At OSU-Cascades, Elizabeth Daniels has focused on media portrayals of women in sports. Her studies contrast the effects of sexualized images with those that show women engaged in athletics.

feuerbacher-surgeonOSU-Cascades researcher finds young surgeons face special concerns with operating room distractions

A study has found that young, less-experienced surgeons made major surgical mistakes almost half the time during a "simulated" gall bladder removal when they were distracted by noises, questions, conversation or other commotion in the operating room.

keeping-kids-safeKeeping Kids Safe: Public health researchers team up on flame retardant study

While many experts agree that some of the chemicals used in flame retardants are toxic, few studies have focused on the risk of exposure to common household items, from furniture to rugs. Now a team of researchers at Oregon State University is hoping to fill some of those gaps.

slot-machineStudy finds slot machine players don’t fit stereotype

A new study looking at why people play slot machines at casinos debunks the stereotype of poor, uneducated senior citizens gambling their Social Security pensions in hopes of a big payday.

natural gasOSU-Cascades receives $700,000 DOE award for harnessing natural gas for vehicle fuel

A researcher at Oregon State University - Cascades will lead a major new research initiative on a vehicle-based natural gas refueling system, a $700,000 project to create technology that would use the vehicle engine itself to compress natural gas.