Join our 2021 - 2022 Student Fee Committee Team!

We are currently hiring for the Secretary, Campus Development Coordinator and Member-at-Large SFC positions.

Vice Chair

Hours/Week: 6

This position will assist the Chair in their duties, as well as interpret and revise the Student Fee Committee constitution.  The Vice Chair will write any needed amendments and ensure that they follow the laws of the state and code of the university.  Should the Chair not be present at a meeting, the Vice Chair would step into the role of guiding discussion through the agenda.



  • Understand the operational proceedings of SFC

  • Interpret and update the SFC constitution

  • Assist the Chair


Hours/Week: 6

The main role of the Secretary is to maintain detailed and organized records of Student Fee Committee decisions and actions in order to create a navigable infrastructure for future members. This position is also responsible for promoting Student Fee Committee events and opportunities as well as communicating with the student body about major allocation decisions.


  • Take notes during weekly meetings

  • Make meeting minutes available to the public

  • Design any marketing materials required by SFC

  • Collaborate with other student life marketing positions

Campus Development Coordinator

Hours/Week: 6

The Campus Development Coordinator is responsible for receiving and processing Campus Development applications.  They will work with applicants as a representative of the Student Fee Committee, and communicate any decisions or recommendations of the team.  They will also follow up with fund recipients in order to assist or advise in campus development.


  • Process Campus Development fund applications

  • Assist fund recipients

  • Communicate with applicants as a representative of SFC

Members at Large

Hours/Week: 4

This job entails participating in the Student Fee Committee decision making process and advocating for their class interests, which gives voice to the student population.  This person would ideally be on campus regularly in order to be an accessible resource. This position is open to all class standings (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior+, Grad Student).


  • Attend and participate in weekly meetings
  • Maintain an active presence on campus
  • Establish peer connections within your class