What Are Campus Development Funds?

The Student Fee Committee annually allocates fees for campus development funds. These funds are granted to students to subsidize conference attendance or professional development opportunities, and are considered “student subsidies.” Students may apply for up to $700 in campus development funds per year.


Subsidies do not include funding for credit-bearing classes, or any educational activity or materials central to the obtaining of a degree (inquiries of this nature should be addressed to the Office of Financial Aid). They also do not include funding for job searches or graduate school applications.

Application Process

The Campus Development Request Application must be completed and submitted to the SFC at least 1 week prior to the next SFC meeting. At the SFC meeting, the applicant will discuss their proposal and their potential service to campus. Campus Development applications for the 2020-2021 academic year will be reviewed starting in October. SFC weekly meetings will commence the second week of fall term.

The SFC Campus Development Coordinator will follow up with the student to ensure the service-to-campus component has been completed before the end of the academic term of the funding request. Service-to-campus activities can range from organizing club activities to doing presentations on the activity.

If the service-to-campus activity is not completed, the student will be responsible to repay the campus development funds in full.

Need More Information?

Contact Campus Development Coordinator Elizabeth Banderas at banderae@oregonstate.edu