Taha Elwafati’s ambitions are big. He wants to reshape the country’s political landscape. At Summit High School in Bend, Taha served on student government. The experience ignited his passion for public policy and human rights reform. Now at OSU-Cascades and majoring in social science, Taha is developing political and leadership skills by serving as vice chair of the Student Fee Committee, a group that determines how and where student fees are spent. He’s leading an effort to assess and revise the committee’s constitution. It involves research and a careful regard for written language. It’s good training, as after he graduates, Taha hopes to work for the U.S. State Department and then attend law school and focus on civil rights. 

“I want to change people’s lives in a positive way, and changing policy is a good way to do that.”

A scholarship from the Bank of the Cascades has helped Taha prioritize his education. With two brothers also at OSU-Cascades, the cost of college was already significant for his family. “The scholarship has made concentrating on school and doing well in classes simpler — paying for tuition is less of a concern.”

Having brothers Mo and Islam on campus has been a great support system. Mo was already involved in student leadership and the catalyst for Taha getting involved, too. Islam is one of the OSU-Cascades’ youngest students and is also a Bank of the Cascades scholarship recipient. It seems Taha, and his brothers are taking OSU-Cascades by storm, before they take on the world.

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