Students who graduate with the social science major will be able to integrate knowledge from their coursework in anthropology, communication, political science, sociology and environmental sciences; develop an understanding of the social and cultural significance of the challenges individuals and communities face and apply content-level knowledge of the social and environmental sciences. Specifically, they will be able to:

1.    Demonstrate understanding and the value of communication competence in group and interpersonal communication.
2.    Apply concepts from the social sciences to local, regional and environmental communities.
3.    Demonstrate proficiency with critical thinking, analysis of problems, and synthesis of data.
4.    Communicate and collaborate with multiple audiences of diverse backgrounds and interests. Specifically, be able to write for and talk with both experts and lay persons utilizing multiple approaches.
5.    Be prepared to pursue further professional or academic endeavors in one’s selected discipline.

(1)    Community Development and Leadership Option

Students who graduate with the community development and leadership option will be able to apply content-level social sciences and sciences knowledge to the practice of community development and community leadership. Specifically, they will be able to:

1.    Demonstrate an understanding of communication competence in leading community development.
2.    Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with diverse, as well as conflicting interests to develop sustainable (socially and environmentally) communities.
3.    Demonstrate ability to apply understanding of politics as a context for developing community and communicating leadership.
4.    Gain practical community development and leadership experiences.