What is SAVRL?

A tool for students who want to use technology for class projects and facutly-supervised research. SAVRL was paid for with Technology Resource Fee funds (part of your student fees).

SAVRL consists of:

  • digital video recording equipment
  • digital (photo) camera
  • digital audio recorder
  • laptop computer
  • portable LCD projector
  • Power Mac editing system
  • statistical and experimental design software

Who can use SAVRL?

The resources of SAVRL are availabe for any currently registered student of the OSU-Cascades partners. You must make prior arrangements to use the SAVRL equipment.

What kinds of projects can I use SAVRL for?

Any faculty-supervised project for any OSU-Cascades partners' course. Some potential examples include:

  • class projects
  • research projects, in-house and in the field
  • documentaries of international and tourism internships
  • development of ads for business and ORLT courses
  • whatever you can dream up

How do I access SAVRL?

Contact Jake Picus if you have specific questions about the equipment or appropriate uses. All users must complete a Use Request Form (PDF).