Located on the second floor of the Dining/Academic Building.

Who can use this space?

The space is available to OSU-Cascades students, faculty, staff and invited guests.

General Use

The space is intended as a quiet reflection room.

During general use:

  • No talking above a whisper is allowed
  • The space is intended for quiet reflection & study, not group study or group meeting space
  • No food or open beverages are allowed
  • No candles, incense or other open/closed flames are allowed
  • No sleeping is permitted
  • The space is welcome to all
  • Individuals using the room should be sensitive to the needs of others who also wish to use the room
  • Furniture must remain in the room and restored to the original position following programming


  • No electronic devices are permitted, with the exception of devices being used for quiet meditative/reflection purposes with headphones. Please turn off all electronic devices before entering.


This room can be reserved for facilitated meditation sessions, spiritual worship, or other quiet or contemplative programming. The room cannot be reserved for meetings or active programs that have elevated sound volume which can be heard outside of the shut door.

The space will be blocked out for ongoing reservations such as Salah (Muslim Prayer) on a daily basis. Students participating in other traditions and/or religions are welcome to request such an ongoing reservation via the Office of Student Life.


The room can be reserved for a program or a recurring activity through the Office of Student Life. When the space is reserved, anyone not participating in the program will need to vacate the space. A daily schedule is posted outside the door.