Alcohol & Other Drugs Recovery

Are you ready to become sober, or trying to live a sober life? Find support with other students by joining the OSU-Cascades Collegiate Alcohol and Drug Recovery group. 

Meetings Occur: Thursdays from 3-4pm.

Location: Tykeson 338

Contact for more information

*All OSU-Cascades and COCC students are welcome to attend!


OSU Main Campus Meetings
Oregon Recovery Network
Alcohol Anonymous Meetings around Oregon
Virtual Unity Recovery Meetings

*Please note that inclusion on this page does not indicate endorsement by OSU-Cascades.

Nicotine Treatment

Quitting can be difficult, but you don't have to go through it alone. Whether it's quitting right away, cutting down, or just asking for help, we can provide local support that can help you find ways to start. We're here to support you during this process.

Oregon State University offers nicotine treatment for students who are trying to trying to quit cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, cigars, hookahs, vaping, E-cigarettes, and other types of nicotine.

Program Includes:
  • Free nicotine gum or patches.
  • Visits with a nicotine treatment nurse specialist to discuss:
    • NRT options and dosage
    • Quit date preparation 
    • Post-quit date strategies
    • And more!

Services are confidential and free to OSU students.

If you are ready to make an appointment, call 541-737-9355. If you are not ready to meet with a health educator, but you have more questions, call the OSU Nurse Advice Line at 541-737-2724.