Congratulations! Starting a new sport club can be an wonderful way to get involved at OSU-Cascades and to leave a lasting legacy for years to come. The Office of Student Life is here to support you along the way and help you build a new and fantastic student organization.


  1. Find three (3) other OSU-Cascades students who want to start this organization with you (a total of 4 students)
  2. Find an OSU-Cascades faculty or staff member who wants to serve as your advisor. Have your advisor sign the Advisor Agreement.
  3. Create a constitution
  4. Write a mission statement
  5. Forecast a proposed budget
  6. Outline a competition schedule in which you specify which competitions your club plans on attending
  7. Create a club roster in which you list your competing members
  8. Complete the online registration
  9. Attend a Student Fee Committee meeting by invitation to present on your club and budget.

If you have questions about any of this, stop by the Student Life Office in the Welcome Center and we can walk you through it, or email the sports club leadership coordinator.