Trip Information

This page is intended to guide you through the processes and forms required for certain club activities.


If you are planning a trip away from campus outside the Bend city limits and/or overnight one or more days, submit the following:

1. Trip Registration Packet - This needs to be submitted to the Office of Student Life and to your advisor at least two (2) weeks prior to your trip departure and includes:

Trip Registration Form 

  •  A copy of marketing for your trip

  • An itemized budget of any expenditures associated with the trip

  • Any reimbursement or payment requests associated with your trip

  • An event roster of all trip attendees (including phone numbers and email addresses)

Click here for Trip Registration Form


2. Liability Waivers - Must be completed and signed by each trip attendee and needs to be in the possession of your advisor before departure of your trip.

Click here for Risk and Liability Waiver


3. Post -Trip Report - This needs to be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Life AND your advisor no later than two weeks after your trip's return.


If you are planning an activity in or near Bend that includes potentially hazardous activities (e.g. ice skating, rock climbing, hiking in a wilderness area), please have each participant complete a Liability Waiver and submit to your advisor before your trip's departure.