Every year, each student organization needs to renew their status. This updates the student organization allowing access to the benefits of being a Registered Student Organization. This process is done online. 

To renew an existing Student Organization, you'll need to:

  1. Have an updated Constitution (view the sample Constitution)
  2. Have an updated Membership List. (Optional club roster template)
  3. Have an updated Mission Statement
  4. Have an updated budget based on the amount allocated to your club during the Spring Budget Hearing. (Optional budget template)
  5. Have an updated Advisor Agreement
  6. Have contact information for the Advisor, President, Treasurer, and two other executive board members who will be "Authorized" to act on behalf of the organization
  7. Submit your renewal online

A Note about Constitutions:

If your Student Organization doesn't currently have a constitution, you'll need to develop one by the end of the Fall Term. Learn more about writing a constitution



A Student Organization that has met all of the criteria, has completed their registration, submitted all of the required documents and has been approved by the Office of Student Life is considered to be an Active Student Organization. Active Student Organizations have all of the benefits of being a Registered Student Organization including the ability to reserve space, use student fee funds, and more.


An inactive Student Organization is one that has been a Registered Student Organization in the past, but either hasn't completed their annual renewal, or no longer meets the criteria (for example membership has dropped to less than four OSU-Cascades students). Inactive Student Organizations do not have the privileges or benefits of being a Registered Student Organization. Any funds previously allocated to the club will be transferred back to the Student Fee Committee and reallocated. An Inactive Student Organization may become Active by meeting all of the missing criteria and renewing online within one year of being placed on Inactive Status. After one year, the student organization will be considered disbanded and if in the future a group of students wants to start up again, they will need to apply as a brand new student organization.


A Student Organization is considered Pending if they were registered the previous year but have not yet completed their renewal process for the current academic year. Pending status is only for the first 4 weeks of the academic year. After that, the Pending status will change to Inactive. Student Organizations with Pending status have limited access to things such as room reservations and participation in club fairs.

Student Organizations do not have access to Student Fees until they are Active.