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A foundational look at the digital and traditional tools offered at OSU-Cascades. Students will work individually and collaboratively across mediums and approaches with a focus on contemporary art. Hands-on activities include graphic design, interactive media, drawing, printmaking and dissemination.

Faculty: Andrew Lorish and other art faculty


Business Beavs in Action

  • Explore: Pick up business concepts while engaging in a team-based project.
  • Network: Meet inspirational speakers and build meaningful relationships through collaborative activities.
  • Practice: Build your networking skills, learn business etiquette, build career-readiness competencies and explore college-preparation strategies.
  • Develop: Learn interpersonal skills such as teamwork, creative problem solving, critical thinking and leadership.
  • Innovative: Take your ideas from concept to reality by using the OSU-Cascades Makerspace, a space for designing, creating and building.

Faculty: Kim Vierra, Todd Laurence, Angelika Buchanan


Invention! Community! Connection!

Work with a team of your peers and fellow inventors to solve a problem in your community. You’ll research a local challenge, invent a solution and build a prototype in the OSU-Cascades Makerspace. Make a difference and learn new skills that will help you succeed in the future.

Faculty: OSU Pre-College Programs


Tourism, Recreation and Adventure Leadership

For 20 years, the OSU-Cascades’ TRAL program has developed leaders develop leaders, facilitators and managers of outdoor adventure, recreation and tourism experiences who have internationally-recognized knowledge and skills. We'll teach you to be an effective decision-maker and to provide safe experiences in complex and dynamic environments. Classroom activities will merge with real field experience throughout the week.

Faculty: OSU College of Forestry