Business & Pop Culture

Session 1: August 2-7

The option uses popular television shows like “The Office” and “Superstore” as tools for students to explore business ethics, finance and management.

Led by: Tori Howes, Associate Professor, Business Administration; Erika McCalpine, Instructor and Program Lead, Business Administration; Norm Rush, Instructor Accounting; and Kimberly Vierra, Instructor and Student Engagement Program Manager, Business Administration


Session 1: August 2-7 or Session 2: August 16-21

If you love making videos, designing posters and creating graphics, this is the option for you. Hands-on activities include graphic design, block coding to create art, video and photo editing and 3D printing. Students will experience the kinds of classes offered in our new arts, media and technology degree program. Students will create in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere.

Led by: Kiel Fletcher, Instructor and Program Lead, Art and Arts, Media and Technology

Coding and Sound

Session 1: August 2-7 or Session 2: August 16-21

Coding and Sound will introduce students to computer programming that can produce music and sound. Students will develop the skills and become familiar with digital tools that can create a short composition or interactive audio project.

Led by: Patrick Donnelly, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Your Body at Work

Session 1: August 2-7 or Session 2: August 16-21

Your Body at Work option exposes students to exercise testing and the science of human performance, and uses superheroes as anatomical examples of extreme performance. The option provides a foundation for students interested in exploring the health science and fitness fields.

Led by: Kara Witzke, Assistant Dean and Instructor and Program Lead, Kinesiology; and Tim Burnett, Instructor, Kinesiology

Write for the Web

Session 2: August 16-21

Spend the week writing for real social media accounts, creating funny memes, crafting tweets to practice concise writing, and developing web and blog content. Dr. Goldsmith will also explore the genres of college writing. Have fun honing your craft in a university setting.

Led by: Jenna Goldsmith, Instructor, Writing