“Our goal, in the simplest terms, is to protect the destination for future generations of travelers and community members”

– Todd Montgomery, Lab Director

The Sustainable Tourism Lab was founded in 2020 by lab director, Todd Montgomery, with funding support from Visit Bend.

The Lab provides data and services to help tourism organizations around the country and in Bend balance visitor needs and community impact. It aims to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to pursue sustainable solutions to common tourism industry problems. To improve the tourism industry through a collaborative, stakeholder-driven process, the lab works to research and design sustainable solutions to the industry’s most pressing problems.

Resident Survey

To understand how local communities perceive the tourism industry, researchers from the hospitality management program conducted several resident sentiment surveys.

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Food Waste Technology

With a food waste camera, the hospitality management and computer science programs have developed an innovative tool to help solve the food waste challenge.

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Virtual Reality Technology

There are jobs that will always have low retention rates and that technology is not currently available to automate. For those jobs, the answer is rapid, cost-effective and impactful retraining.

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