A vital feature of this program is your internship, which you spend working for a company or agency in the field of tourism, recreation or adventure leadership. All TRAL majors complete an internship experience in their degree requirements.

Internship Information

The TRAL internship program is designed to combine academic preparation with practical experience by offering a jointly sponsored and supervised learning experience. The TRAL program works with businesses, government agencies, and other organizations (intern “hosts”) to facilitate this important professional development effort.

Internship opportunities are not limited to Oregon — students can complete their internship anywhere in the world!

Use the TRAL Internship Guide to prepare and begin internship process. Students complete the internship experience after they have completed the TRAL 270 pre-internship class.

Students can work with the TRAL program lead and the Career Development Center while planning internship experience.

Certification Practicum Information

The TRAL certification practicum at OSU-Cascades is designed to combine academic preparation and faculty mentoring with industry standard certification acquisition. The certification practicum allows students the opportunity to attain nationally or internationally recognized certification in one or more disciplines. TRAL 309 will provide an avenue for students to utilize professional faculty guidance and mentoring so they are more able to attain a certification.

Certification Practicum Guide (PDF)