The tourism, recreation and adventure leadership program has a long-term partnership with the United World College of Southeast Asia (UWCSEA) in Singapore that primarily involves research. At times, this project also provides opportunities for students to get involved with the research.

The UWCSEA is one of the largest K-12 international schools in the world with approximately 5000 students on two campuses. Michael Gassner, TRAL program lead and Chris Wolsko, assistant professor of psychology are leading the ten year international and collaborative research study that will add to the global knowledge of how outdoor education impacts K-12 student learning. Over the ten year study, students in grades six to 11 who are participating in outdoor education expeditions at UWCSEA will be surveyed to gather data about developmental experiences, connection to nature, personal fulfillment, and what specifically the UWCSEA outdoor education program contributes to overall UWCSEA student learning. Outdoor education is central to the UWCSEA mission and one of five core elements of its curriculum.

For questions about the research, contact Michael Gassner or Chris Wolsko.