All residence hall rooms have a wired connection and wireless coverage. We recommend bringing a network cable to connect to the wired network, even if you plan on using wireless. Wired connections are faster, more secure, and more reliable than wireless. OSU does not allow the use of personal wireless routers or access points as they can interfere with OSU's wireless coverage.

How to connect

Wireless connectivity

  1. Select the "OSU_Secure" network
  2. Use your ONID login to connect

Wired connectivity in your room

  1. Find your computer's MAC address at:
  2. Register your computer's MAC address at: (Allow 30 minutes for activation)
  3. Plug network cable into the green jack in your room

Need help? Call 541-737-8787 or email

Your network and streaming options on-campus

Pac-12 Network

Cheer on the Beavers from anywhere! On-campus residents have exclusive free streaming access to the Pac-12 Network on computers or mobile devices.

Beaver Movie Streaming

On-campus residents can watch free on-demand streaming movies and vote on which movies play each month.