Registering Your Projects

The Cascades Research and Scholarship Symposium (CRSS) and Oregon State's Celebrating Undergraduate Excellent (CUE) will share the same registration platform for 2020.

Registration Closed


Creating your Lightning Talk

  1. Download PowerPoint. If you do not already have PowerPoint, follow the directions here to download a free copy through OSU’s license HERE.
  2. Make a few slides about your research. Keep in mind your talk must be 3 minutes or less. For more information on creating a lightning talk visit HERE.
  3. You will be asked to upload a transcript of your talk along with the recording for accessibility purposes. We recommend writing out what you plan to say and using it as a script as you record your voice-over.


Additional Assistance

For most questions about your projects, please speak with your project supervisor.  However, the following individuals may also be able to help with questions:

Lightning Talk Creation & Submissions
Poster Submissions - OSU-Cascades

Recording your Voiceover

(For a video overview please visit:

  1. Beginning on May 11th, you will have access to the CUE Canvas page. This is where you will access the Kaltura Software that will be used to record your voice-over presentation.
  2. Open the Canvas site and navigate to the “My Media” tab on the column on the left side of your screen.
  3. Click “Add New” then select “Recording Tools/Capture” on the drop down menu.
  4. This will prompt you to authorize and download the Kaltura app that will be required for you to record your voice over.
  5. Open Kaltura and give the necessary permissions to allow for screen recording.
  6. Open your PowerPoint presentation and press the record button when you’re ready to deliver your presentation.
  7. Press the square stop button on the Kaltura window when you’re finished recording. Use your first and last name (e.g. “Sophie Pierszalowski”) as the name of the video.
  8. Upload your recording when prompted. Be sure the progress bar reaches 100%.
  9. Open the CUE Canvas page and navigate back to the My Media tab, your new recording should show up here.
  10. Click on the video title to bring up your recording. Scroll down and click on “Share” below the video preview.
  11. The “Embed Code” should automatically be highlighted. Copy this text.
  12. Click on “Modules” on the left hand column in the CUE Canvas page and find the module with your college listed.
  13. Find your name and project title and click to open your personal discussion. It should appear blank.
  14. Click “Reply” to open a text box. Click on “HTML Editor.” Paste the embed code that was copied on the previous page.
  15. Select “Post Reply.” Your video should now show up with a preview in your discussion post. Once you’ve made the post, click the three dots on the right side of the post and select “Edit” on the drop down menu to add your typed transcript below your recording. On the day of the symposium other students and other OSU community members will post comments and questions. You will be asked to check back regularly to provide as close to real-time answers/feedback as possible.