Posters must be created in 48” x 36” (4’ x 3’) formatting and follow OSU branding. Fonts should range from 24 point (captions) to 72 point (titles). Typical poster sections include a description/literature review, methodology/process, outcomes/ conclusions, and impact/next steps. Always include a title, names of group members, faculty mentors, award/grant support and sponsors (this includes URSA Engage and Layman Fellowship).



Printing will not be required for the 2020 virtual event; please check with your project supervisor if printing will be need for another use.


Poster submissions need to be sent to under the following critieria.

  1. Subject for Email: "Poster Submission - 2020 CRSS"
  2. Include the following in the body of the email:
    • Submitter Full Name
    • Submitter Student ID Number
    • Submitter Faculty Advisor
    • Name of Poster
    • Names of All Contributing Group Members
    • Indication of Award/Grant Support and Sponsors (e.g. URSA Engage, Layman Fellowship, etc.)
  3. Include PDF copy of your poster (be sure it is sized appropriately to specifications)


Contact Nathan Moses for poster questions, or see the "Lightning Talk Guidelines" pages for additional assistance.