Registration & Getting started
  • April 6: Registration opens -  Project Registration
  • April 22: Getting Started - Questions about CRSS - View Presentation
  • April 28: Getting Started - Questions about CRSS - Join via Zoom
  • May 1: Deadline to register
  • May 3: Acceptance notifications sent to applicants
Lightning Talk Information Sessions
  • May 4 (4-5 pm PST): Virtual lightning talk workshop (how to make one) – Join via Zoom
  • May 5 (2 pm): Join Professor Nick Dahl's class to discuss elevator speeches and lightning talks! - Join via Zoom
  • May 7 (4-5 pm PST): Virtual lightning talk help session (get specific questions answered) - Join via Zoom
Finalizing Presentations
  • May 8: Deadline to submit posters for committee review/feedback (optional)
  • May 11-15: Canvas open for videos and transcripts to be uploaded.
  • May 15: Deadline to upload videos and transcripts into Canvas.
  • May 17: Dealine to submit poster to events@osucascades.edu (OSU-Cascades only)
  • May 21 & 22: The Canvas page will be distributed to OSU community members who will be able to view presenters’ recordings, ask questions, and engage in dialogue via the Canvas discussion board function. Presenters will be required to watch at leave five videos made by other presenters and post a comment or question.