Learning Triads – An Interactive Opportunity to Develop Your Pedagogical Skills

Facilitator: Peter Sparks – Chair, Teaching Excellence Committee (TEC)
Dates: Winter 2019 Term – Specific dates will vary
Time: Orientation-Organization Meeting on Thursday January, 10 from 1-2 p.m.
Location: TBD

Learning Triads are small 3 person workgroups, where group members will work together to sharpen their pedagogical skills by sharing course materials, observing class activities and engaging in discussions about teaching. The design is similar to our PROT process, but more casual, interactive, and without the requirement of writing a long and detailed report. Our goal is to have at least 5 groups that will participate during the Winter 2019 term. The Teaching Excellence Committee (TEC) will provide guidelines and structure, with each triad being free to determine their own schedule and goals (expect getting together 4-5 times during the term). At the end of the term (week 10), a final meeting will take place for all triads to share and discuss best teaching practices, and celebrate teaching. 

During the orientation meeting (Week 1), individuals will be placed into triads. It is perfectly acceptable if people self-organize into a triad and sign up together. This may be the case, for instance, if 3 people from the same program would like to form their own Learning Triad. Although, there are advantages of working with people outside of your field of study too! 

This opportunity is open to all teaching faculty, including professors, instructors and part-time faculty.  We encourage all who wish to sharpen their teaching skills, but this would be a particularly great opportunity for new(ish) faculty, to gain insight into their teaching before being reviewed through the PROT process. Frankly, it also looks great on your annual review!

Teaching is greatly valued at OSU-Cascades. Let’s excel together!